Edmunds and the Saab 9-3 Convertible

Convertible owners unite!  Celebrate your Saab purity, your individuality.  Let the top down and let your hair down as you motor around in the last remaining tie between Saab of the halcyon 1980’s and the Saab of today!!

I hadn’t thought about it in such terms, but Edmunds are largely correct when they single out the convertible as being the constant in the Saab stable.  Yeah, there was a 4-door 900 and yeah, there was a 4-door 9000, but neither of these were the staples of the brand as the 9-3 and 9-5 are now, in their sedan form. 

Edmunds got their hands on a 20th Anniversary model 9-3 Convertible.  And loved it.  I’m always keen to hear what the big boys have to say about a new Saab as their opinion is widely read.  In Edmunds’ case is also pretty widely respected.  A few of the notable quotables:

The chassis is stiff. There’s power to spare. The styling is simple and inoffensive. While you could find a faster, more luxurious or better-looking ride, the Saab offers a generous helping in all major categories, making it a smart choice for those looking to break away from the pack….

….after 20 years, it remains a unique product unlike any other. And these days, that’s high praise.

No need for me to spoil all your fun.  Get on over to Edmunds and read it for yourselves.  I’m even beginning to become partial to that Electric Blue.

So many Saabs, so little money…. 


And whilst I’m thinking of it: they may have tweaked the engine up to 260hp, but Biopower and the Swedish market are quite likely the only things keeping the 9-5 alive, in my opinion.  Sure, it’s a better drive than it’s predecessor (which was a helluva good drive), but the 6-pack in the 9-3 has got to be taking potential 9-5 customers away.  The 9-5 just isn’t different enough to the uneducated eye.

Which all enhances the argument for greater differentiation between the two when the new 9-5 finally arrives.  It’s got to be bigger and it’s got to be noticably more grunty.

Just my 0.02c 

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  1. ….and I have at one or two 4 door 99’s! Before 3 and 5 doors (and verts) came 2 and 4 doors. Still, the hatch still says ‘Saab’ to me.

  2. Ive still not heard a reasonable arg for “shoehorning” a bigger,heavier V6 into a 93, a car that didn’t need it..while NOT putting it the 95. BTW the 2.3T 4cyl has better hp/same nm as the V6…does GMo know this? or the general auto world FTM?
    And why no ReaXs rearsteer in the ~10K more 95?

  3. My understanding is that the 9-5 engine bay would need re-engineering to take the new V6, and that Saab didn’t want to spend the money on a model that’s going to be replaced in two years anyway.

    The current 9-3 has a longer shelf life, OTOH.

    Many have pointed out there’s more power to be had from the new turbo V6. When it gets to the next 9-5, it’ll be in 300+ hp form, with AWD.

  4. Hi Swade, just got back from my first trip to beautiful Australia, and you people need more Saab convertibles (and Saabs in general)! My wife says she saw one of the new style 9-3 convertibles, but I saw none in 2 weeks. Keep up the good work spreading the word. Sydney is convertible heaven given the great climate.
    P.S. What’s with the 2 cents comment? You guys don’t even have any pennies!
    P.P.S. You really need to get rid of all those speed cameras.

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