European Car Mag on the Aero-X

Every time I read an article about the Swedish test day for the Aero-X I’m tempted to say it’s been a little while coming, but then again I’m all for drawing out every little bit of publicity that this car can stand.

European Car Web Magazine has published their article from the testing day that a bunch of Euro journalists had the pleasure of participating in a month or so ago.  Like everyone else, they’re smitten with Saab’s concept and seem pleased for the underdog manufacturer getting its moment in the sun:

Imagine the surprise Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo received at the 2006 Geneva Auto Salon when Saab’s Aero X concept garnered more attention than his prized Pininfarina-sculpted models positioned nearby. Many of the show’s automotive elite had to share the limelight for that matter. It’s something most would never expect from a small and historically conservative manufacturer. To be trumped by Bugatti or Lamborghini is one thing and very plausible, but by Saab? Not a chance.

Just tell that to the hoards of people who gathered around to get a closer look at this car.

It’s a great read and if you’ve forgotten anything about this car in the few months since it’s stunning debut, you should hit the link and appreciate the Aero-X all over again.  There’s a bunch of good photos there too.

The final word from European Car?

It is said, if you build it, they will come.

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