It’s sales-data time again

That’s right, folks. It’s approaching that time where we crunch the numbers and oooh, ahhh and uurgh over sales data from the various markets around the world in order to assess the performance of the Saab brand through the year.

Commentators are expecting a pretty gloomy May in the US. Here’s hoping for a positive year-on-year performance there. I’d say anything in the black will do. I haven’t heard any expectations for Sweden, Britain or the rest of Europe, so it’ll be a matter of wait-n-see.

Jay Spenchian’s certainly talking up Saab’s expectations for the next few years though. US sales doubled by 2011. I haven’t found a link for it, but this was sent via email (thanks JV) and was reported by Bloomberg:

General Motors Corp.’s Saab will double U.S. sales by as early as 2010 as the European unit moves ahead with its plan to end losses, its U.S. sales chief said.

Jerome York, an aide to GM investor Kirk Kerkorian, said in January that GM should sell or close Saab and Hummer and focus on its larger brands, after GM’s $10.6 billion loss last year. York joined the Detroit-based company’s board in February.

“He wants what all of us want, sales and profit growth,” said Jay Spenchian, Saab’s U.S. general manager, in an interview today in Southfield, Michigan. “He wants us to put our money where our mouth is and just try and deliver.”

Saab and Hummer have been GM’s fastest-growing brands in the U.S. this year, helped by new models such as the Saab 9-7X and Hummer H-3 sport-utility vehicles. Sales through April rose 8.1 percent at Saab and almost tripled at Hummer, as GM’s total fell 6.7 percent. New models are part of GM’s plan to stabilize a U.S. market share that has fallen to 24 percent this year from 51 percent in 1962.

“If Saab is profitable or break-even and they can attract buyers you wouldn’t normally get in GM, it’s a positive,” said Southfield-based AutoPacific auto analyst Jim Hall. “Saab can be made profitable. The question is, how broad does Saab need to be to get there?”

Saab will double annual U.S. sales to about 80,000 by 2010 or 2011, Spenchian said. In the next few years, Saab plans to replace the 9-7X with a smaller SUV model shared with a Cadillac design and introduce new versions of the 9-5 and 9-3 sedans, he said. The Sweden-based unit is also studying at least one other undisclosed vehicle, Spenchian said.

I’ll be keeping a keen eye out for all the usual sales data, but I’m sure some of you Europeans will get it while I’m sleeping.

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  1. Hi! For those of you who are interested in new car registration statistics: under you can find the homepage of the European Automobile Manufactures Association. They publish monthly data on new car registration in the European countries which are member either to the EU or EFTA, meaning basically 99% of the European car market. Their releases come with a delay as compared to the national agencies‘ news but still offer a good overview over what is going on in Europe, and how (well) is Saab doing. Enjoy! Bart

  2. Wasnt Saab expected to be selling upwards of 200000 cars a year by 2006 according to reports back in 2001-2002?

  3. Swedish sales data for May (everything compared to one year ago)

    Market up 13.3% in may.
    Market up 4.7% this year.

    Then the really good news:

    Saab 9-5 up 121% in May!
    Saab 9-3 up 69% in May and is almost no 3!

    Volvo V70
    May: 3705 vehicles (2494) +48.55%
    Jan-May: 13.328 vehicles (10.830) + 22.23%
    Market share in May: 11.42%
    Market share this year: 9.78%

    Saab 9-5
    May: 1299 vehicles (586) +121.67%
    Jan-May: 6.006 vehicles (4.197) + 43.1%
    Market share in May: 5.18%
    Market share this year: 3.79%

    Volvo V50
    May: 1,196 vehicles (1,218) -1.8%
    Jan-May: 5.581 vehicles (5.316) + 4.98%
    Market share in May: 4.82%
    Market share this year: 4.80%

    Saab 9-3
    May: 1.182 vehicles (698) +69.34%
    Jan-May: 4.801 vehicles (3.237) + 48.31%
    Market share in May: 4.14%
    Market share this year: 2.92%

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