Massive Saab Flickr-Dump

I’ve been saving these for a rainy day via my RSS feed, but the collection’s getting a little too big, so it’s time to dump ’em down for your visual pleasure. These are all small shots, but you can view any of them and many more by searching “Saab” at Flickr.

macrobadge.jpg . 96bluesaturated.jpg

92xsnow.jpg . saabaruplate.jpg

enginedog.jpg . badgeblue.jpg

96yellowsaturated.jpg . 96fox1.jpg

93badge.jpg . 93vert.jpg

96blackndandwhite.jpg . 96iceracer.jpg

96iceracerporsche.jpg . sonettIIiceracing.jpg

macrodoorhandle.jpg . macrowheel.jpg

antennamacro.jpg . oldsaabbadge.jpg

95wagon.jpg . 96snowy.jpg

96car283.jpg . 96rearred.jpg

99tmaroon.jpg . vertindesert.jpg

badgev4.jpg . badgev4-2.jpg

900oncontainer.jpg . 9000driveway.jpg

96white.jpg . 96orangeracer.jpg

96rearfender.jpg . sonett.jpg

sonettblue.jpg . sonettdash.jpg

sonettII.jpg . sonettIII.jpg

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