More MY2007 Chatter

We’ve already had the 2007 9-3 interior photo, comments, SaabCentral comments and my thoughts.

Now, via ctm and mecachrome (in comments) there’s also the following MY2007 info, gathered from a Swedish news article and the Swedish Saab forum, iSaab.

saab 9-3:
acc standard on all models
interior as the leaked pictures
almost same price (maybe only in sweden?)
bose-stereo optional

saab 9-5:
new engine 2.3t biopower 210bhp
2.3t and 2.3T no longer available

both models:
steel grey and arbor green no longer available. new color is titan grey

I’d venture a guess and say that the 2.3 options will still be available in markets outside Sweden, although the Biopower engine can run on full gasoline, so I suppose a switch to all Biopower wouldn’t be out of the question, depending on cost.

ctm also bring the news, with a link (in Swedish), that the 9-3 will get Biopower as well, though no time frame is mentioned. This has been mentioned before, but it’s good to see it popping up in the press.

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  1. Maybe everybody already know this, but the “titan grey” is of course a colour that we have seen on two famous Saabs already this year đŸ˜€

    So I guess we will get the turbine wheels next year too…

  2. There was info posted a couple of minutes ago on about the colour.

    “Titan grey will replace Steel grey. Titan grey is more fresh type of grey, that lacks the beige/brown component of the current Steel grey.”

    So I guess that Titan grey basically is the new Steel grey.

  3. The Aero will of course still be sold but in Sweden we’ve had a 2.3t (185hp) and a 2.3T (220? hp) option and I guess those are replaced by the two Biopower options.

  4. Dang, I guess I was wrong about the titan grey. It’s not Aero-X grey.

    It would have been excellent when the other brands go for white cars.

  5. I’m impressed how SAAB keeps increasing the “value” component of the cars, making former options now standard.

    However, it really bothers me that a decent stereo system (in the 9-3) is still an option. It should have a good stereo system STANDARD and an outstanding one optional, IMHO. There’s no reason a car in this price range should have such a poor stereo system as standard equipment and this is a problem that has been going on for YEARS. Maybe if they didn’t waste so much money with their high-tech fiber optic network (which seems to still be only a necessity for “future use”) they could have put the money into a better standard stereo.

    I’ve rented cheap cars with better stereo systems than my SAABs (admittedly my newest is an ’01 though) and it’s embarrassing since I’m quite a music lover, but not an audiophile, so it’s not like I’ve got highly-tuned ears…

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