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Hi all. Just had our local Saab Club’s AGM tonight at the local dealership. About 90 minutes before we arrived, they got their first 9-5 in. A SportWagon in silver.

First impressions: looks much better in the sheet metal – face to ‘face’. Interior also looked good, though some will be disappointed when they see their audio system in generic GM models. For now it looks OK.

Also just arrived was a beautiful black 9-3 SportCombi. Looked absolutely magnificent.

Our dealer now has 4 brand new Saabs in the showroom (which is a pretty big deal for us). He reported quite a bit of interest in the SportCombis too. Good news.


Thanks to Ted, news that New Zealanders are now able to run their car on some really shite fuel.

Bio-D made from sewage.

Personally, I think I’d prefer the smell from cooking oil Bio-D.


Coming soon: Fudge, fudge and more fudge. The best tasting fudge you’ve ever tasted.


Gotta go to bed. A pleasant day’s work for you all whilst I’m sleeping.

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  1. Umm… is that your car or should I check the septic tank? Hee Hee.

    Actually, algae have been talked about in bio diesel for years ( is just one example), but I guess that the uniqueness with the NZ article is that they are using the naturally-occuring mixture of algae successfully rather than cultivating the most desirable strains as in other experiments.

    I really like the idea of using algae for bio diesel or as a feedstock for other liquid fuel processes — it has a very high concentration of hydrocarbons per unit mass and it grow plentifully and quickly on waste.

    Great idea. Glad to see that folks are still plugging away to make the technology work in the real world. I feel strongly that it’s these types of innovations that will drive the future of automobiles rather than complex hybrids or expensive ethanol infrastructure. The equation balances too elegantly for someone not to get it right.

  2. Great nite Steve.Thanks for picking up the Tab.Classic drive home in D.B’s 9-5,man i want that car.
    Did you know that Gran View cheeses down the Channel, have started making their own bio diesel.Not sure with what,it could possibly be sheep poo.
    Hope your missus liked the fudge (ahum).

  3. Matt. Mrs loved the fudge and young’un even had some, post-breakfast.

    I think a 99T could make a nice fudgemobile. You could do up a 99 and write it off against your tax. What a dream situation.

  4. We had a meeting of the NSW branch of SCCA on tuesday night at a dealer here in Sydney and they had just brought in a new 9-5 wagon. Nocturne Blue tha same as my MY2005 and i have to say i was far more impressed than i thought i would be after seeing photos only this last 6 months. The interior works very well but it’s worth bearing in mind nothing else here in Oz has that interior, if i was in Europe or the States and recognised that from a bog standard GM car then i don’t think i’d be quite so impressed.

  5. would someone care to enlighten the club president as to what happened at the agm, phone or email will suffice..

    al 😉

  6. Drew B – its about all thats necessary. Trust that the driving aspect was suitably turbo-ed to complete the picture.

  7. Oh… and Saabill pinched my succulent well-done steak and chips! How did I forget THAT!!!!!!!

    PT> dare I say the evening was topped off by a leisurely cruise in the old V4 – undoubtedly the most reliable car in my fleet! 😉

  8. I really do think the 9-5 needs a no-chome option for the front nose… I must admit though, the SportCombi is quite a looker.

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