New 9-5? Or just a sketch?

This sketch has been doing the rounds for the last few days.  As far as I know it started on Saab Central and it looks like it’s gathered a fair bit of momentum after hitting Left Lane News and then LeBlogauto (thanks, Andy).

Is it a 9-5 sketch that we’re likely to see in sheetmetal or is it another case of internet linkfire? 

The picture on LLN (left) is actually a section of the picture shown at SaabCentral, reproduced below.  As you can see from the watermark, the original shot appears on Car Design News, who published an interview with Nesbitt on Febraury 9.  The interview is members-only, but I first saw this picture there a few months ago and I have a feeling that it was indeed an accompaniment to the interview piece.


So is it a new 9-5?  Well, firstly, I don’t think it’s a bad sketch at all, I really like the look of that car.  But I’d be quite surprised if the new 9-5 is as dramatic.  This is just a sketch, and sketches aren’t bound by the rules of engineering, the principles of aerodynamics or the practicalities of customer demands (like usable boot space).  That’s probably why they’re so much fun.

It certainly has some of that Aero-X design language that future Saabs are apparently going to inherit and in this guise it looks pretty good. 

But I don’t necessarily think it’s our 9-5 in waiting, at the very least because I’d imagine GM to be way more secretive about real upcoming designs.  Most spyshots that I’ve received have been taken with cameraphones.  This one’s quite possibly a professional photograph taken by CDN for the purpose of publication.  I can’t imagine they’d be allowed to do so around a concrete sketch for a car that’s 2 years or so away.

But I’ll be happy if it is.  Like I said, that’s a nice looking vehicle there.  But at the end of the day I think it’s about as much the 9-5 as this picture on the wall in the GM Europe office is the Aero-X.  Close perhaps, but no cigar (as Hillary once said to Bill).


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  1. Let’s not be naive – that picture doesn’t just “happen” to be projected on a five meter screen for no reason.

    It’s a sketch.
    Bot not JUST a sketch. A sketch that Saab want us to see. They are purposely selling us clues to the future Saab design, and if we look, we can see the same clues over and over:
    •Turbine wheels
    •Wrap-around windshield
    •Integrated lamps and grille
    •More “combi sedan” than sedan
    • Wedge shaped front

    You can even see that the “wing” on the grille has the same bends as on the Aero X.

  2. Arktos, agree it’s a good picture of future Saab design, but I’m not just willing to call the 9-5 at this point.

    And why 9-5 anyway? The 9-3 is due for a redesign too.

    I’m just taking it as a pointer, that’s all.

  3. Hi Swade, i`ve seen this Sketch already and not only in this pic, it was used as a you said as a future design concept but not named as any modle e.g new 9-5, but if we did get such a design in real life it would look good

  4. Old pics recirculation is funny indeed. I think that is just design ideas put together, doesnt represent any future model type.

    But what a nightmare it will be once new Saab models get closer and every photoshop owners has to make their own version and then regular people have no idea what pic is real and what is not.

    I’m getting headache already.

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