New Director Saab Australia and New Zealand

I had word about this changeover approximately a month ago (Thanks, R), but didn’t want to publish it before the release, just in case outgoing Director Ralph Stephenson didn’t know about it yet 😉

The press release:


Saab is pleased to announce the appointment of Parveen Batish to the role of Director – Saab Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Batish has enjoyed a long history with the Saab brand since joining General Motors in the United Kingdom in December 1995.

In his past 10 years with Saab Mr Batish has held a number of sales and marketing roles, most recently General Manager – Marketing and Sales Analysis with Saab Great Britain. Mr Batish was also a member of the Saab Integration and Growth team established to improve the effectiveness of Saab GB.

The achievements of the team included a substantial increase in Saab brand awareness from 15 to 27 per cent and impressive sales growth of more than 40 per cent year on year in that market.

The success of the Saab Integration and Growth team was recognised with the 2005 GM Chairman’s Honours Award and Saab GB is currently the third largest market for Saab globally behind the United States and Sweden.

Mt Batish replaces current Saab Australia and New Zealand Director Ralph Stevenson who will shortly take up a new senior appointment with the GM Holden Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing organisation. Further details on Mr Stevenson’s new role will be announced shortly.

During his 18 months as Director, Mr Stevenson was responsible for the integration of Saab Australia and New Zealand with GM Holden, significant and competitive price realignment for the brand and a lift in first quarter sales this year of more than 38 per cent.

Mr Batish will commence with Saab Australia on Thursday 8 June 2006 and will work closely with Mr Stevenson as they transition the role throughout the month of June.


Welcome downunder, Parveen!! I’m looking forward to a wonderful, fruitful relationship and plenty of long fireside chats with you about the future of the brand, the promotion of Hirsch, entry into Targa Tasmania etc etc. OK, maybe not. But I’d be up for it if you are…..

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  1. Well, well, now things are getting interesting. Congrats on the new job Parveen, hopefully you can bring some of the momentum that SAAB GB appears to have. ALthough ,to be fair, SAAB AU is starting to move a little too. Still, it’ll be interesting to see the effect of someone used to selling diesel, Hirsch, Biopower etc on our sleepy little corner.

    Looks like all that lobbying didn’t go far enough Joe – no need for me to move to Melbourne for a while now.

  2. Weather some of our own sessions chewing the fat had some influence at the end or through some good fortune but something had to give in. Parveen has the right ingredients and background to turn things around rather quickly and get some of the Pom successes happening on our shores. The brand needs someone like Parveen to bring it back to its long faded glory.
    I thought immediately about PT not being the one. It doesn’t matter mate, you can always act as a consultant !!!

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