Saab 9-3 review: Lowell Sun

Sometimes things just come together in their own sweet time. The Detroit News wrote an article that asks what Saab stands for. It made me think about the way Saabs can sneak up on you and surprise you in all sorts of ways. Now there’s a review that reminds us all how good Saabs can be.

What makes a car feel “right?”

Well, if we knew the answer to that, we’d probably be making a great deal more money than we do now. “Rightness” is an X-factor that dances in and out of the grasp of every automotive engineer. Sometimes it’s predictable, and other times it turns up in unlikely places.

The 2006 Saab 9-3 is one of those places, and we’re still deciding if it’s an unlikely candidate for “rightness” or not.


They’re referring to the fact that it’s a little surprising to see something ‘right’ come from what is by law a GM company.

But the 9-3 Sport Sedan is one fantastic drive, as anyone that’s been fortunate enough to get into one with an objective mind can tell you. I can remember my first drive in one (a Vector just outside of Ross, Tasmania) just as well as I can remember my most recent drive in one (the V6 Aero).

The one thing I can tell you about my experience with the 9-3 is that it was just as surprising and as inspiring as my first drive in the 1986 9000 Turbo I told you about the other day.

The Lowell Sun’s experience? Click on the link above to read it. But here’s a neat ending….

On the road, the 9-3 feels alive and eager to be driven, rather than bored with mundane tasks. It’ll run at high speeds and its anti-lock brakes will bring it to a stop.

It’s a nice little package that often goes unnoticed in the constant flow of new luxury and mid-luxury cars from Europe. Enthusiasts will enjoy the 9-3 for its road manners, while Saab fans will like it for the familiar quirks that haven’t been ironed out by GM. The rest of you will just have to meet the Saab and decide for yourselves.

“The rest of you will just have to meet the Saab and decide for yourselves.”

My point exactly.

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  1. 2007 9-3 face lift:
    radio from 9-5 (same as euro-cadillac bls bts bms or whateva you call),
    no more info display on dash,more wood trim,hood shape new,spoiler and lights new,door handle
    from cadillac,on back more clear lights in 2007,silver strip below SAAB logo. Also I saw pics of new smaller SUV (on it’s own platform).

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