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This weekend’s SOTW shot might be familiar to some. If you’re a regular cruiser around SaabCentral, then you might recognise this photo:


That’s right. It’s SethSe7en’s GM900 and this particular photo appears as his avatar on the site. This photo is from Seth’s photostream at Flickr.

If you’d like your car features as a Saab O The Week then take a great photo of it, like Seth did, and email it to me (email link in the left sidebar).


Another story about why people love driving their Saab, via email. Paul was resonding to this writeup of the new 9-5 (no link) by Jaedene Hudson in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Saab 9-5 Linear Sport Wagon

Why we are driving it. The 9-5 has had a facelift to disguise its age. It’s almost 10 years old-a lifetime in the car world.

Likes. Safety credentials. Good stereo. Rear seat folds flat, but it takes a bit of patience.

Dislikes. Could this new nose be uglier than the Ssanyong Stavic? The turbo-charged 2.3 litre four cylinder engine sounds like a diesel on start-up and is harsh under acceleration. The tailgate is heavy to open and close. Five speed automatic gearshifts could be better co-ordinated. Gear selector is too cumbersome. Interiro feels cheap. Indicatoir stalk feels like it’s going to break off. Intrusive road noise. Harsh ride. Dash rattle. Vague steering.

Would i buy one? Do you need to ask? There are many better cars around for the money. The only consolation was the press car had interstate plates so at least my neighbours don’t think i bought it.

To which Paul has resonded, quite rightly:

There you go. A car so bad she is ashamed to have it in her driveway. Another short piece of Australian motoring journo brilliance. To be honest, if i didn’t own a MY2005 9-5 wagon (virtually the same except cosmetically to the new version) then i might think the new 9-5 is a crock of shit. But i do own one and i know it takes all of 15 seconds to fold the rear seats forward to get a perfectly flat floor which she considers needs some patience and the tailgate is solid steel to protect you from some moron driving up your rear end, perhaps plastic would be easier to open and close. My 5 foot 2 wife has no problem by the way. I also know from driving 20,000 ks last year and from reading many European reviews of the car where the auto box and the low pressure turbo engine have been praised for their synchronisation. I now know that Jaedene Hudson is a moron. Such is life.

The dislike of the 9-5 has me beat to be honest. We bought it this time last year after testing the equivalent Mercs, BMWs, Audis, Subarus etc and the Saab was so far ahead in it’s price/ quality and driving experience ratio that i’m dumbfounded at what Australian and US journos come up with. If we drove to work everyday on a racetrack then the rear and 4 wd cars would be a top pick but in everyday driving to work, me going out for a hoon on a sunday morning around the twisties and a 10 hour drive twice a year up or down the coast i’ve never owned a car that does it all so well. The lpt 2.3 engine is a cracker. As quick as you need off the lights and when you want to overtake out on a spirited drive the accelaration when the gearbox kicks down is fabulous. I’m talking to the converted i know but the downer on the marque by the press is plain odd. Perhaps if the very, very faintly Australian V6 was available across the range then we might miraculously find some positive comments. I don’t hold my breath.

A pretty good summary if you ask me.

The 9-5 is a helluva car for real-lfe cruising and fun, and Jaedene Hudson is a moron.


On Alfablogger, The Truth About Cars takes a look at Alfa’s imminent return to the US market.

As usual, I’m there to poke some holes in what was otherwise a pretty good article.

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  1. Jaedene Hudson. A woman. Need I say more? $50 says she drives a Subaru and doesn’t know where the oil dipstick is!

  2. Not much more needs be said about this review really. Nearly matched on the page earlier where the Lexus GS450H was questioned for using hybrid technology to assist in performance….and the writer spent the whole review comparing 0-100kmh times with the V8 merc s. Is it just me or is the hypocrisy too much to believe?

    SMH Drive – what a waste of woodchips.

  3. I have a 2005 2.3t sportwagon. I agree with Paul. The 9-5 is a wonderful car, solid, roomy and fun to drive. I just don’t get these reviewers. I think they have made up their mind before they drive the car. Well it is their loss and I for one will continue to enjoy a great car!

  4. Jaedene does have a valid point about the nose of the car. They have completely stripped the last thing that identified this car as a Saab. Maybe GM has learned its lessons judging by the 06 9-5 sales and wount graft that nose onto the 9-3.

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