Saab Sales – Australia

Just a quick note to let you know that sales figures for Australia have been released and we’re doing our part – however small – to get to 150,000.

Sales were up 9.1% in April and remain 32% up, year-to-date. 

Saab dealers in Australia managed to move 96 vehicles in April 2006 compared to 88 vehicles a year ago.  They’ve sold 541 Saabs this year compared to 410 for Jan-Apr in 2005.

Small bananas really, but you gotta start somewhere.

The target?  Catch Volvo, who have sold three times as many units and are maintaining a 40%+ growth rate so far this year. 

The introduction of the 9-3 SportCombi will help, though I’d be more certain of that if there were more model variants than Linear ($54K) and Aero ($82K).  I’m hoping the new 9-5, which was only launched here last week, may help as well.

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  1. Saab sales worldwide:

    Total sale Jan-Apr: 44.827, up 6.611 (+17.3%) compared to last year.

    For Europe: 30.775, up 5.609 (+22.3%)

    Note: Sales in Great Britain was down in April, but it’s still up 6.1% this year to 9.125.

  2. I think 150K is still possible. I read somewhere that 60% of the sale for the year is in the last 5 months. So you can’t really do the 44K x 3 thing to project the sale for the whole year.

  3. On the fact that Volvo’s sales volume is about double than Saab in OZ is quite frankly a disgrace. Saab OZ needs some clear desperate reinvention and get on with some creative and aggressive marketing programs. We applaud the increases as shown but on the bigger picture this is still unacceptable.

  4. Volvo has also completed a hefty rejig of its pricing here ( like saab but more so) and they are selling more as a result. Their leading product is the XC90 I believe.

    Good to see Saab Aus heading in the right dirction.

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