Saab Sales for April 2006 – Sweden

As noted in comments, Swedish sales data is now online.

In a market that was largely steady, Saab once again recorded a great result, with 9-5 and 9-3 sales both increasing significantly over 2005.

The 9-5 recorded 1,153 sales in April 2006, a 20.48% rise over April 2005. So far in 2006, the 9-5 is up a total of 30.34% and is enjoying a market share of 5.41%.

The 9-3 recorded 1,014 sales, a 28.35% rise over the same month in 2005 (790 units). Sales for Jan-Apr 2006 are up a whopping 42.53% over the same period in 2005 and the 9-3 is now enjoying a market share of 4.16%, up from 2.98% over the same period last year.

Volvo is still the one to catch, but congratulations to Saab of Sweden for continuing to make inroads. The pursuit continues – 150,000, here we come!!

(OK, I initially said 160,000 but that was best-case, with 150,000 being a more realistic goal as well as a new record. 160,000 would be a major bonus.)

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  1. Anyone seen the U.S. sales figures? Ford is reporting the following for April compared to one year ago:

    Ford Motor (all brands): -6.6%
    Volvo: -9.2%

    No numbers on how the market as a whole did in April.

  2. Just read in the local Trollhattan paper this morning that 2 out 3 sold 9-5’s here in Sweden are BioPowered…

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