Saab Snippets – May 5

Do you like the 2006 Saab 9-5?

If so, read this review.

If not, read this review.

There. Everyone’s happy.

One of these reviews is from England. Can you guess?


Always interesting to read about Saabs getting their hooks into people. This guy’s owned 60 cars in his lifetime (my kind of guy) and 4 of them have been 900 convertibles. Last time he purchased he got two of them so that he could feel assured about holding on to at least one of them, which he has.


Just received my complimentary copy of Nines magazine in the post today. The article I wrote as a response to Robert Farago’s commentary about Saab’s future has been published in this edition. Thanks to the Saab Club of North America for sending me a copy, which will be going straight to the pool room.


As I flicked through my copy of Nines, I noticed that the 24th Annual Saab Owners Convention will be held from August 25th to 27th at the Roaring Brook Resort and Conference Centre, Lake George, New York.

Hit the link for all the details.

And yes, I’d be happy to keynote speak, or write, or wash dishes, vacuum carpets, wash cars, dogs or clothes (including smalls), babysit ADHD youngsters, trim hedges, clear drains, wrestle mothers-in-law, eat sprouts, etc in exchange for an airfare…..

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  1. I read the “negative” article and the test driver stated ” the cruise control is tricky to use”… And I thought to myself, what kind of an idiot do you have to be to not be able to use such a simple tool, my grandmother could learn it with ease and she’s 80 years old… We have a saying in the aviation world, RTFM (read the fucking manual!!!)

  2. Mating season.

    Kirk Kerkorian / Jerry York have 2 interesting Ideas that combined could create
    a sort of equal “partenership for peace”.
    1. Saab doesnt sell enough in the US to be a GM brand
    2. Hummer needs to be part of a larger GM brand to benefit its hostfamily.

    What would happend if Hummer & Saab with a common “defence” background
    would intesify and strenghten respective Brands by positive association.

    Saab has a global sales network outside the US that could benfit hummer in
    places such as europe, australia, asia etc. Its an odd special Ops, but hey
    some of the most successful elite task forces combines equal “Mind & Muscles”.

    Selling Aero-x next to a Hummer would make an intersting table for two!

    /Architect in Singapore

  3. Definitely a think-outside-the-box idea. Not sure how much association you’re proposing A.S. But their background philosophies are way too different to make this a possibility IMHO.

  4. Even putting them into same showroom would be totally disastrous as many people hate Hummer and dont want to be associated with it.

    Few weeks ago Hummer was parket(well actually it doesnt fit into parking slots at all) below a balcony. Saddly I didnt have any eggs šŸ™

    I think some talk about getting rid of Hummer is because it creates bad image for GM.

  5. I flew to last year’s convention, in Vermont. It was about a 25 hour drive from Minneapolis, and I had a court hearing on the Monday afterwards, so I couldn’t take the time to drive. It felt really strange arriving at a Saab convention in a Ford rental car.

    Lake George is in upstate New York, not all that far from last year’s Vermont location. It’s about a 22 hour drive.

    Two days to drive there, three days of the convention, and two days to drive back — it’s a pretty big time commitment.

    On the other hand, it’ll be a great road trip. One of the things I want to see along the route is the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum in Indiana.

    You’re welcome to ride along if you want – I’d love the company – but of course it makes no sense for you to fly in anywhere but New York City.

  6. I’d rate myself a 40/60 chance to make it, Greg. You’re right about it making sense going straight to NY, but I’m all for taking some time to drive there and see some of the country as well.

    Need to sell some land here and then it goes from 40/60 to 75/25. Fingers crossed.

  7. >Even putting them into same showroom would be totally disastrous

    The Saab dealership in Tacoma, WA, is co-located with Hummer (and Caddy). Frankly, it seemed like a fairly good idea to me and rather similar to what Ford has done with Jaguar and Range Rover – instead of creating a Jaguar SUV to appease the dealership community, Ford has paired up all (or nearly all) of the Jaguar and Range Rover dealerships in the US.

    Now, granted, there are a *lot* more similarities between Jaguar and Range Rover than there are between Saab and Hummer but I’m not sure a Saab/Hummer relationship would be an entirely bad thing.


  8. Saab sells a 3.8litre twin turbo V6 9-3 in Australia, cool! Why doesnt the rest of the world get this model?

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