Saab Sonett V – What the ?

I was just doing some casual surfing around and found the Saab Sonett III Club website. Ok, that’s reason enough in itself for a cruise. The site is pretty basic, but it’s always nice looking at a Sonett or III.

Then I see a link for a Sonett V. What?

Some of you may be old hands at this and may laugh at me even putting this up on the site, but for those that haven’t seen it, well here it is. Unfortunately, you can’t click to enlarge.


The car has a ‘for sale’ ad with it…..and here’s the accompanying description:

Astounding Exotic Prototype: “Orphanged” by SAAB Big-Wigs post Sergio Calagio’s departure (to this very day they’re in DENIAL at Stockholm): finished and shown @ LA’s & Los Vegas’: International Car Shows’: was seen in many ’70’s magazines/voted:”Best Design & Utilitiy” ’71,’72, ’73: only rival is the IV (which is gas gussling V-8 racer Ferrarri Dino look-a-like)–This SAAB V is by far the most awesum looking and came B.E.F.O.R.E. (imitation is best falterry?) & is better than: Mirua, Pantera, Lotus, Vector W2 (…maybe one of the most costly cars/but interesting to note that “people” who “invented” this car at Abbot Kinney/Venice Beach LA were like where w/ camera at that ’71. ’72 showings???Da’), shares some lines w/pre-dating ’68 Toyota 2008, and then looky looky in the ’72 Ferrarri (like no wonder it looks the way it does/DA’?/) /Saab V is gorgeous!!!Gunmetal-silver Fiberglass, original German/Ford for Sweden 4 In-line engine, perfect condition, gray mole-hair tuffted iterior, Belgian gray tweed carpet, special intelligent interior accouterments, multipy-lights/retractable: the Ultimate Classy, Sporty Dream Car–MOVEING BACK OVERSEAS–will sell to right buyer: gets 30-5 mpg/does up to 120 mph; always garaged: MINT/Near NEW: woth every red cent of $15, 700 HISTORIC–and forever UNDATABLE BEAUTY: imagine if your wife stayed that way!

In case the Stockholm and inline-4 bits didn’t give it away, I’m 99.999999999999999999999% percent sure that this thing is a 100% hoax. And one of the poorer body kits I’ve ever seen too.

But then again…..

The designer they mention, Sergio Coggiola (as he’s named in the Wikipedia reference to this car) is responsible for some of the uglier concepts i’ve ever had the misfortune to see. Take a look at this heinous crime:


And no, he didn’t do that in the 1970’s. According to his website, this is a 1996 concept!!! Who knows? With concepts this ugly, maybe he is responsible for bashing a beautiful Sonett III into the abomination we see above. But I think not.

Ah, Saab Sonett V. It’s been brief, but it’s been nice knowing you.

At least we can’t say you were boring.

…..and by the way, if this particular car happens to be in your back yard, or your shed, please send some better photos…..and forget all the ‘ugly’ references in the above paragraphs. I don’t know what I’m saying.

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  1. Imagine how nice it would be to rub against the gray mole-hair tuffted iterior.That a thousand red haired Irish girls had to farm on their faces.

  2. Ah, you’re a harsh man. Those poor lasses.

    If there’s any Irish folks reading this, I’m divorcing myself from those comments and will note for the record that they were written with a Welsh accent!

    See you tomorrow night, Saabologist (AGM)?

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