Saab US sales data – April 2006

UPDATE: The GM numbers are now in.

The 9-2x – 80 units sold (388 in 2005) – down 78.6%

The 9-3 – 2,144 untis sold (2,190 in 2005) – up 1.7%

The 9-5 – 406 units sold (596 in 2005) – down 29.3%

The 9-7x – 514 units sold (0 in 2005)

As mentioned below, that makes for 3,144 units sold in total, a 2.9% rise in amonth where GM over all experieced a fall in the order of around 7%. A respectable effort, but the underlying passenger car numbers explained below are a flag for a worrying trend IMHO.


These are some early numbers, via Reuters.

Sales up 2.9% over 2005. Saab sold 3,144 units in April 2006 compared with 3,174 in April 2005. I assume that the small percentage rise is therefore due to the number of sales days in the month (there were 5 Sundays in April this year).

Reuters don’t break down all the model sales, so I’ll have to wait for GM’s numbers to get that.

Good news?

Well, not really. Yes, the percentage number is up, but…..

Reuters do break down sales into cars and light trucks. The 9-7x sold 514 units, continuing it’s steady rise in monthly units sold. This means, however, that passenger cars totalled only 2,630, well down on the 3,174 sold in April 2005. Whilst you’d expect the 9-7x to steal a few sales from the passenger market, I wouldn’t be expecting that many.

Total sales year-to-date are still up 9.1%, but again, it’s all because of the 9-7x. Passenger car sales year-to-date are now down 8.3% for the first four months of the year.

I think it’s time to step up the advertising campaigns, Jay.

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  1. Hi Swade,

    I shot you an email with the full scoop from GM’s Form 8-K filing. The short story is that 9-2X sales are continuing the tank (80 units) and 9-5 sales are down (model changeover?). 9-3 sales are up slightly on a per-salesday basis for April and up nicely overall YTD.


  2. Something’s going on with the 9-5. I mean Volvo is selling twice as many S80s and that car is just as old as the 9-5. Maybe some more marketing needs to shine on the 9-5, especially the wagon, because it’s still a good product, especially with its newly lowered MSRP.

  3. Jason McKenna said “Something’s going on with the 9-5.”

    No surprise here, its god damned ugly as sin and the facelift is big proof that Saab should very seriously reconsider grafting that butt-ugly face onto the 9-3 and any future model.

    Nice to see sales are up year-on-year though 🙂

  4. Zippy, quite possibly many of them are open Sundays. I’m not sure about over there, thogh I know they’re not here in Oz.

    They routinely quote a difference in “sales days” where it occurs though.

  5. I know in California a lot of dealers are open on Sundays, but in midwest states most aren’t.

    And Zippy, despite the “controversial” front of the 9-5, it’s still a better buy than it was last year, and the fact that consumers can’t see that is a mystery. Looking at dealer inventory in Southern California makes me wonder if it’s only selling in some states.

  6. in summary,
    these are not the figures to persuade Mr. Kerkorian to change his opinion about Saab.

  7. Saab world wide sales data for April:

    10.847 vehicles, up 2.5% compared to April 2005.

    New record sales for Spain and Belgium, Canada.

  8. Okay , so there is virually no 9-5 product at dealers. The question of the day is how do you sell more 9-5 product when its all in Europe? The answer is sell them in Europe. Look at the sales numbers in Europe. Voila, your answer. US dealers aren’t one bit happy with it either..

  9. I can’t speak for anywhere else, but most car dealerships are closed on Sundays here in the Mid-Atlantic region

  10. Or just quit advertising, stay closed Sundays, but have folks lined up to BUY 93 and 95 TURBODIESELs not unlike my own obselete 03. BTW…I got all this IDScrap in the mail and im ready…but will you sell ME a another car Jay? You know my email.

  11. About sundays… I’ve asked around at work today. Almost everybody remebered the exact weekday that they bought their last cars, and nobody did it on the weekend at all. True, car dealers are open on Sundays (and Saturdays), but never close the deal on the Sunday (or even on Saturday) – they do it on Monday – Friday. Don’t know why…

    Car dealers in Sweden usually only have a few hours open on Saturday-Sunday (like 10AM-2PM), but usually 9-10 hours a day Monday-Friday. So, a Sunday should produce less sale anyway. 🙂

    This year Easter was in April, and in Sweden lots of car dealers were closed on Sunday-Monday that weekend.

  12. Maybe, just maybe, people would like to discuss the deal with the bank…And those are NOT open at Sundays

  13. In Feb I sold a 2003 9-5 wagon and tried to buy a new 9-5. Neither of the dealers in my area (NJ) had stock, or could give a damn. I am now driving an Infiniti M35x. It is superb, but had I received better service (and had there been more 9-5’s in stock) I would still be driving a Saab. I still have a 9-3, but wonder what will happen when I replace that next year. My observations to Saab remain unanswered.

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