Saab’s Aussie Offer

I was having a surf on the News Ltd website (I do actually work occasionally) and noticed a link to this: Saab’s Midsommar Sale.

A little while ago Saab Oz decided to strip down the MY06 Linear 9-3 SS and offer it for $39,900. This was a pretty decent price breakthrough here in Oz. The Midsommar offer makes it even better value as it keeps the sub-$40,000 price but re-fits the alloy wheels and leather interior that were lost when the price was lowered.

Pretty decent value, actually. The cheapest 3-series Bimmer you can buy here starts at $50,600.

The rest of the Saab range here in Australia gets a no-extra-cost automatic transmission during the Midsommar sales event.

The link above will give you the terms and conditions. With that new interior due in MY07, I think MY06 is going to sell quite well.

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