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Hi all,

Still battling a unresponsive web host here. Alfablogger will be re-established soon and Trollhattan will migrate to a new server in the next few days. I’m expecting interruptions, I just hope they aren’t huge.


While it’s still there, I’d urge you all to read Pete De Lorenzo’s piece on BMW’s latest ad in the US. Read it and lament the days past when Saab could say the same thing, albeit not from such a position of strength.


Yes, I am like a dog with a bone.

Ford have let slip that they’re investigating the merits of making a plug-in hybrid.

Saab have already made one, though they won’t tell you that directly. If you’re not familiar with the car or GM’s cover up, you can read about it all here.

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  1. “we don’t make compromises. we make saabs,”
    I wish it were saab that could still say it:(
    The amazing thing is – from a marketing perspective, this is the opposite of what an ad should be. Yes, you, your, free… there is a list of magical marketing words that BMW no longer needs to use.

  2. It’s not paranoia Eggs, more like anger at the thought that GM will do this with Chevy or some other vanilla brand.

    I’d like some more content on my Saab Innovations page.

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