SOTW calendar – May 2006

Given that Targa Tasmania has just finished over the weekend (and by the way, Alfas won 2 of the 4 categories), I thought it appropriate to make Dan’s beautiful red 99 Turbo the subject of this month’s SOTW calendar. Just click on the link below the photo and you’ll be all set to save the image for use as your desktop wallpaper.

This photo was taken during the Cethana stage of the event last year. Unfortunately, Dan and Roger weren’t able to make it down to Tassie this year, but are hoping for a return run in 2007.

500 May 2006.jpg

The May 2006 calendar is available in two sizes. Just click on the size you need to load the jpg and then copy it to your desktop.

1024 x 768 – View image

800 x 600 – View image


Previous SOTW calendars:

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  1. “Name”,

    This is Saab’s version of the millenium bug. The ’99’ actually refers to the model name. After the 99 came the Saab 900, the 9000. Currently we have the 9-3 and the 9-5.

    The model designation ’99’ was never a problem for this type of confusion prior to 1999.

    The car in the photo is actually a 1975 model Saab 99 with a turbocharged engine slotted into the engine bay.


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