SOTW – May 26

If you’re looking for the 2007 9-3 interior “spyphoto” then scroll down below – but not before you take a look at a great SOTW car. By the owner’s own admission, this is not quite the usual SOTW standard of photo, but the story is worth the telling.

This is James’ 1999 Saab 9-5 Wagon and as the inset photo can attest, it’s just ticked over its 200,000th mile. That’s around 320,000 kilometers for those of you that run on metric. It’s a Minnesota car, meaning plenty of snow but it’s rust free and looking good. The car has had religious oil changes at 10,000 intervals and has never had an additional drop of oil added between services. It’s even running on its original clutch!

Congratulations James. One beautiful machine and it’s condition would suggest it’s a credit to its owner.

200K 9-5.jpg

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  1. And only a few months ago, that car had as many miles as my 9-5… 187k. I plan on being the next 200k 9-5 on these shores, but the Trollpod will be here first. How’s that refurbed alarm siren working out, James?

  2. Carl,

    The Siren Alarm you refurbished is working out great so far. We had one blip one morning a month ago where it appeared but before and after that it has been great.

    In fact, I am acting as Andrew of Princeton’s guinea pig for this fix and, if it continues to go well, they are probably going to want to talk to you about it.

    BTW, we are now at 201.7K…catch me if you can!

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