STM – pics from Sturup Raceway

I reported last week on Swede Team Motor’s weekend racing at Sturup Raceway. They were hoping to have their new e85 Biopower V6 (yes, a V6) running but it was caught short in testing time and will have to wait until the next meet in mid-June.

I was just having a look around their website for any news and came across their photo archive for the weekend at Sturup and thought I’d share a few pictures with you. It certainly looks like these guys are having some fun. I’ll be looking forward to every detail I can get about the debut of the e85 car when it races next month.

In the meantime, here’s a few pics. There’s a bunch more on this page at STM’s website.

All pictures owned by STM/J.Stellemark


Team member adjusting the James Bond-like oil cannon prior to commencement……

STM Saab 9-3 adjustments.jpg


The driver’s been fed, bathed and changed – ready to go!!

STM Saab 9-3 pilot.jpg


And we’re racing…….

If I can say one thing from looking at this photo, the STM car definitely looks like the best prepared car on the track. Sponsors should be pleased.

STM Saab 9-3 field.jpg


A beetle gets a good view of a nice Swedish be-hind

STM Saab 9-3 beetle.jpg


Some direct marketing to the modern, cashed-up Metrosexual crowd…..

STM Saab 9-3 metro.jpg


Finally, my personal favourite. I have a need…..a need for speed.

STM Saab 9-3 swoosh.jpg

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