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UPDATE: I received two emails from Jonas at STM overnight. The first one was quite exciting with the anticipation of debuting the V6. Unfortunately the second one informed me that they’re having to hold off the V6 until the next meeting. They couldn’t get in enough last-minute testing to make sure the engine was OK, so they’ve decided to play it cautious. Understandable with so much development time and money at stake.

Here’s hoping all the bugs are ironed out before the next meeting. STM will still be running around this week, but in some more leisurely competitions.


Whilst GM are trying to convince NASCAR to give e85 a try, the Swedes are just going ahead and doing it!

Swede Team Motor are taking to the next round of the SLC Cup in their new E85-powered Saab 9-3 Aero. Yep, that’s V6 Biopower!!

STM e85 racer.jpg
Photo: STM / J.Stellemark

This weekend sees round 2 of the SLC Cup get underway at Sturup Raceway in Sweden (thanks Tobias!). STM will use their E85 V6 for the first time. The engine was developed with the assistance of GM Powertrain in Södertälje as well as Saab AB in Trollhattan. It reads to me like they’ve also received advice from Shell regarding the fuel to be used.

They’ve certainly got high expectations for the car and here’s hoping they really make an impact this weekend. e85 can use all the promotion it can get and there’s nothing automotive that catches the public’s imagination quite like racing.

Good luck STM!!

Below: Sturup Raceway, which you lucky Euro types can hire!!


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  1. just a correction. Sturup Raceway is in Sweden. In the southern part called Skåne (eng: Scania like the truck). I once belonged to Denmark. More fun notes the griffin head on the Logo is the symbol for this part of sweden

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