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The various comments on the proposed 2007 9-3 interior have been very interesting. Whilst I can see the point behind the simpler control systems etc, I have a grave fear that this is the slightly thicker part of the wedge (the thin end of the wedge was the 9-5 interior last year).

In any case, the picture and the comments are here. Fire away.


A couple of things to note from comments on the 9-3 interior. Commenter Tim notes that the pre-production cars he’s seen on the line at Trollhattan look a little different. I think that’s an assessment we should all be able to trust.

Second, there is plenty of room for improvement in the current 9-3 interior and many have pointed this out in comments. I’d still maintain that improving the current interior is better than a wholesale change like this.

Finally, as Mats mentioned, it’s 99% likely that this change was imposed rather than wanted in Sweden. I’m laying the blame at Lutz’s feet.


I lost $14 and about an hour of my life that I can never get back attending the inagural Hobart ‘International’ Motor Show yesterday. A total waste of time, except for (1) running into an old mate of mine, Adrian, and (2) getting these photos.

If you’re in Tasmania and you’re reading this, then please repent and promise never to do this again:

OK, the fogs I can forgive, perhaps.


But the yellow wiper blades have GOT to go!!!

900yellow wipers.jpg


Right after viewing this dud of a Motor Show, I drove home and as I arrived (literally, at the top of the driveway) the Viggen’s SID was showing ‘refill engine coolant’. Yikes! I got the car down the drive and green fluid was pouring out like water from a Coke bottle.


The tow truck arrives at 7.30 tomorrow morning.

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  1. Basically just an interview with Stig Nodin, Tecnical Director – Engineering Center, Sweden, General Motors Europe.

    He talks about the changes from some years ago, how the Cadillac BLS project under his supervision was a tourn-around for the engineering center in Trollhättan where their work was world-class in how they managed the project and kept whitin the limits for time and cost.

    Trollhättan is one of eleven engineering centers in GM, but one that is very flexible. They have good know-how in saftey, environment and lightweight structures, and today also in hybrid. They are also good at “all wheel drive”.

    They are employing about 1.100 people. He talks about the importance of delivering stuff that helps the future of GM, and says that the process when Trollhättan was integrated in Gm Europe will help them now that GM as a whole will integrate it’s resources. He think that this process will have a bigger impact on the GM units in Germany.

  2. EWS/money&business communities

    Cadillacen – a överlevnadsprojekt
    Saabs technical manager about the bothersome yesterdays and the light future
    Published May 27, 2006 kl 4.45.

    Trollhättan: Saabs technical manager path Nodin has the difficult information to do Trollhättan visible in GM: s new global organisation for development in production.
    His best trumfkort is Cadillac-projektet, where Trollhättan’s respects grew extremely.

    Ascends Nodin goes so longly that he calls Cadillac BLS for a överlevnadsprojekt. There, the development department held in Trollhättan boredom times in world class, better than GM ever had. And, especially important, one the delivered man assured.
    Worse was the pursues some years since when the costs bolted in road, to is visible beyond the then in force management’s control, and small Saab delivered so big losses that the labeled bottom away to Detroit.

    Planned projects were intercepted abruptly and GM sent Greg Deveson to Trollhättan in order to few control on the costs.
    In same veva returned path Nodin to Trollhättan after a time
    in USA. He might take in same questions.
    – an advantage was that I could the organisation since old and could quickly see skevheterna, says he.
    After a tough time one had got bay with the problems. For a just over year since got path Nodin to take over the responsibility for the development in production.

    That same mistake will be carried out an act again does not exist on his map.
    – today has we good control stations and has all the time striked our budget.
    Now, the question is which nearer role Trollhättan can to get itself in GM: s new global development organisation.

    Eleven technical centre over the whole world is included in the organisation. Trollhättan is long from biggest in that crowd.
    – no, actually not, laughs Nodin. But I believe we contribute with more than our proportion actually corresponds.
    But how does one in order to be visible in such a big and entirely global organisation?
    – the applies to contribute to GM: s future. Then is the not difficult to put the jobs at us, says he, and spaltar up areas where Trollhättan lie specially good to.

    Many knows we again. Specialområden as security, environment, easy weight farms to be associated with Saab. Now can also hybrider be put to the list.
    – late can we flexible production more than someone else and we has a big competence about all wheel-drive (four wheel operation) within premium-segmentet, despite that we not yet had an own product on the market.

    Ascends Nodin has today 1 180 persons to your disposition. A substantial slimming compared with early 2000-tal, and also fewer than the exists scope for today.
    – we underspenderar on engineering, according to our organisational structure could we last 1 200 – 1250. I am careful with taking in nytt, one has a responsibility against the one employs, discusses Nodin.

    The global organisation opens in order to Saab will can to broaden your product program faster and cheaper than on own hand.
    The risk that exists is that Saab-känslan disappears or that GM becomes more sluggish governed.
    Ascends Nodin sees the from the light side and tones concurrentlely down the importance of the changes for each individual employee.

    – for ourselves becomes the no big difference to makeacommitmentto in a global process when we already the the done European integration. The comes to be noticed considerably more for the Germans, believes he.
    Utvecklingsorganisationen is leaded of Bob Lutz and can simplified be said to comprize two parts. The unite has focus on things as processes and common approaches, the other on projects and new car models.

    Magnus Nordberg
    0520 – 49 42 08

  3. Thats a great lookin car Stevo
    I can’t get enough of the saabs with the gold JPS stripes down the side.Sheer class.

  4. I think your coolant leak maybee the Heater Tap.its another common fail item on the Saabs as it was made by GM.Need i say more.

  5. Matt,

    It was the bottom radiator hose. No big deal, but no part in until Wednesday. Pain in the backside to say the least.

    Steve had a very concerned look on his face this morning when he saw the car coming in on a tow truck!

    See you soon, mate.

  6. Radiator hose? On a car that new? Something’s rotten in Ulverstone! Mine is new, but it was still intact after 15 years of use when I replaced it.

    You towed it? Rad hoses are a moderately difficult DIY — just because of the contortions that you have to go through to get to it.

  7. Saw a old BMW JPS 2 door in the city the other day. Mint condition too. Not my cup of tea but nice to see it on the road. Must say that its one of the few BMs that has aged well – they usually look silly, especially next to a 900.

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