TS Eurovision picks

We get our Eurovison coverage a little delayed and I’ve just finished watching the 24 songs. I thought it’d be worthwhile to list my favourite three. In order these are:

1. Lithuania – the catchiest song of the night, without a doubt. I’ll be singing this one for the next 12 months.
2. Sweden – there we so many songs that sounded alike this time. Carola’s was the best of them.
3. Finland – Eurovision will be better next year because of Lordi. A worthy winner.

Back to Saab stuff in the morning.

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  1. All I say is: All we need is lightning, with power of light, striking down with powers of force, as the moon is rising, give us the sign, now let us rise from it all, Rock n Roll angels bring that hard rock hallelujah… In gods creation we’re a supernatural high…

    I’ve seen Lordi live and they rule the stage!!! =)

    No matter if you sing about being the winner if you aren’t… I’m going to finland next year!! =)

  2. Eurovision has obviously hit a new low since I last watched it back in 1995. Singing ‘monsters’? I cant believe how serious contintental Europeans take this ‘side show’. And an unmentioned Aussie who just happens to run this website 😉

  3. Greetings from Lithuania, Swade! I’m glad you liked LT united – there has been quite a controversy about sending these 6 guys to represent the country, and many thought that this crazy performance would give Lithuania a negative image, but it seems to have worked in the end 😀

  4. Rowen – good to hear from you! I didn’t know you were doing a car blog now as well as SCTTW, which I still check from time to time. Thanks for dropping in!

    Zippy, I’d say serious is the last word I’d apply to my appreciation for Eurovision. It’s pure fun and entertainment. I thought most of the 24 songs last night were pretty boring. But every year you get a few stand-out performances that are notable either for the song or the novelty of the act.

    I wish Iceland had made it through to the final. Their act was hilarious. 2 male dancers in silver-sequinned hotpants!!

    Vaidas – your country chose well. They were the clear favourite at our house. I woke our 15 year-old up for school this morning by singing “We are the winners…” And that wierd dancing guy…..he had us rolling on the floor. He was sensational.

    Loved it. I’d love to attend a Eurovision final one day. If the English ever want to win I think they’d need to do a modern Ska performance. Something wierd. That rap guy from last night……it might have been a first for Eurovision, but there was nothing innovative about it at all.

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