Tuesday Snippets

Today might be server-change day (if I can get my act together). I’m hoping there’s no major interruption.


i’ve been watching Boston Legal lately. Anyone else watch it? If you do, what do you think every time Denny Crane does something wacky and just says “Denny Crane” because his name is so famous it fixes his wackiness?

I think “Bob Lutz”.


The story about Ford doing a plug-in hybrid is gathering some momentum around the traps. Wherever it appears, I’m trying to drop a comment about Saab’s hybrid. If you see an item about Ford’s plug-in plans and I haven’t got to it yet, then feel free to let them know about Saab’s plug in.

And yes, I plan on continuing to be like a dog with a bone on this.

Thanks to 1985Gripen for the latest instalment – Wired.


See you all on the new server.

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