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Unfortunately my dodgy Swedish translator isn’t available right now, but thanks to Mats, here’s a link from Swedish paper TTELA that appears to give a hint that the Biopower engine is on the way for the 9-3. This, of course, would follow on from the success that Saab have had in Sweden with the 9-5 Biopower model, which is killing them in the e85 market there.

I did hear a month or two ago from a Djup Strupe that the 2.3 Biopower engine was sighted on the lines in Trollhattan so it seems that the expansion of the Biopower line is well and truly underway.

If any of you Swedish speakers are still awake, a quick translation in comments of the article linked above will find its way onto the front page here very quickly.


My copy of Lance Cole’s 99 & 900 book finally arrived in the post today!! Woohoo. I now have 3 books by Anders Tunberg and this one all waiting to be consumed.

Now all I need is the time.


I may as well open this up here and see if I can get some ideas from Saabisti worldwide. I’ve just recently taken the position of Chairman of the Tasmanian branch of the Saab Car Club of Australia. Along with a very capable committee group, I need to come up with some ideas for club activities etc.

Any suggestions and thoughts on your favourite car club activities from the past would be welcome and appreciated. We have a very good relationship with our local dealership, so anything that you’ve done with your Saab dealer would also be great.


Aussie readers, or anyone really, might be interested in taking a peek at a new automotive blog, Rear View. It’s being run by “the real Rowen Atkinson”, who’s a blogging mate of mine from the old days when I ran a non-car blog called Red Interior.


My NBA picks for today: Phoenix to close out the Clips and the Mavs to win the Texas showdown. Geez, I wish I lived in the US so I could watch these unfold.

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  1. Whatever you do with the club, make sure to include the cars. My main complaint with the Minnesota Saab Club is that the monthly meetings, which are nice, don’t really involve the cars. Food and drink, yes, and some nice talking about cars, but actual tire-kicking, look-at-the-cars activity? Sadly not enough.

    Now, for four or five months out the year, it’s too cold to go out and look at the cars. All the more reason to maximize car-time in the summer.

  2. Well, I’m watching the Spurs lose (around 8 minutes left in the game and they’re down 8 points), but I’ll be honest: I thought that the Mavs would fold. They were ON FIRE in the first half. And how many times does Pop have to yell it — DON’T PUT NOWITZKI ON THE LINE!!! Geez, the guy’s just the best effing shooter in the game! Do NOT foul this man. He WILL score on the free throws.

    As for the Suns/Clips, I think you’re right, but I hope you’re wrong. I want the Clippers fans to have something from this season more than “We had a shot.”

    Mavs/Suns. Who cares?
    Spurs/Clippers. That’s a story line!

    In the East, Heat vs. Pistons. A great matchup. Great inside, physical play. Shaq vs. Wallace. Rasheed vs. Antoine. DWade vs. Chauncey Billups. There’s still great basketball to be played!

  3. Here we go:

    After the success of Biopower in 9-5 the modellrange will now expand to 9-3. But first another biopower engine will come in 9-5. The success is also affecting production. During the summer 80 new people will be hired to replace people on vacation. The plant needs a higher output before the summer vaction.
    17 of the workers started last week and moore is to come. It is not just the salesnumber that must be adressed, the success of 9-5 changes the demand for people assembling. This because the 9-5 is older and demands moore manpoweer than 9-3.
    The workers will work with maximum overtime in week 23-27 and maybe even saturdays will come in play.

    The success with 9-5 doesnt end here.
    -“No when it is going so well with the 9-5 you can expect ethanol in 9-3” says market director Knut Simonsson
    The question is when?
    He also confirms in a way (not directly) that a new biopwered 9-5 will come. On the question if it will come before 9-3, he says its possible…

    I take no responibillty for spelling and grammar and that it is correctly done… Did the translation in the box.

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