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I’ve never been asked by Saab to do any advertising before. I’d love to help out as a) I love the cars, and b) I could use the extra revenue, but they obviously don’t think it’s worthwhile. I guess it’s a little like preaching to the converted, though every sale helps and my rates would be a helluva lot cheaper than national news websites. Anyway….

So I did a Tom Cruise – “sometimes you’ve just gotta say “What the &#^!”

I’ve copied one of their ads for the Saab Australia Midsommar Sale. The ad is in the right sidebar. I mentioned it yesterday and in addition to the extras I mentioned in yesterday’s article (free alloys and leather on base model 9-3 and free auto for all others), they’re also doing a no-onroad-costs bonus this weekend.

It’ll be interesting to see if Saab Oz get any hits from here (even though they’ll probably show as hits from Fairfax Press due to the referrer link).


In the Snippets entry back on May 20, I covered an article from Auto123, a Canadian website. They published a survey of 18-24 year olds that had a greater percentage of respondents desiring Saabs rather than BMW or Mercedes.

Autoblog has just got hold of the story too and it’s interesting to read the comments section there as they have a wide variety of readers and being Americans, they’re trained to speak their mind so there’s lots of comments to peruse:

I’m 23 & drive an 03 Saab 93 Arc. I love it…..

I’m Gen Y and came from a ’88 MBZ 300CE to a Saab 9-5. Did I do it because Saabs are cool? Hahaha! No. I bought the Saab because it wasn’t a Bimmer and it wasn’t a Benz…..

I’m 18, and I was just looking around for an affordable Saab 9000 (like a ’92). The new Saabs I think look really nice, and the brand has really improved styling in my opinion…..

This is just a few. I’ve gotta say, the general consensus there does bring out the results of the survey.

Am I surprised? A little.

The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades….


I wish I could tell you about the goodies I received this morning, but I cant.


The Viggen problem turned out to be a stuffed bottom radiator hose, which is a big relief. Some of you may be wondering why a) I could diagnose this myself, and b) why I chose to get the vehicle towed.

a) In addition to being totally mechanically incompetent, there’s very little room at our place to allow one to crawl under the car. The problem couldn’t be seen from above.

b) I had a free tow available from a 24hour roadside assist program. I don’t take chances with the Viggen, so this was the best option.

Am very relieved that it wasn’t the radiator itself that went bung, and pleased there wasn’t any secondary damage from overheating.


We’re having a Saab Car Club meeting tonight to put together events for the rest of this year. Any suggestions welcome in comments (and thx Greg for you previous thoughts – noted).

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  1. Must be something in the wind. Our little 900 developed a split line on the heater and started dropping lovely flouro-green coolant all over the place. All better now thanks to the trusted hands of Adrian at Carfection. Like you, was tempted to fix it myself but started to second guess….but what if the…and then the…..

    Lucky to have a skilled mechanic who’ll take a call on his personal phone – on the weekend – and then fix on the spot the next day. Much appreciated.

  2. Connection hoses around the cooling system overall have been the only Achilles tendon with Saabs in the local scene. The hoses just dry up so heavy that they crack and leak. I had the same on my earlier 9-3 S. It’s a pain in the neck.

  3. I’m the Gen Y that came from the MBZ 300CE to the 9-5. I like my Saab, but like I said, it’s not at all cool. None of my peers wet themselves over an Aero 9-3, a Cobb tuned 9-2x… etc etc.

    If Saab was serious about appealing to the younger demographic then they’d fast track the plug-in hybrid and put it on the 9-3 platform. It’d be a smash hit sedan here in California. Maybe even a hit with Hollywood (much like the Prius). That sort of exposure and popularity on the progressive west coast would go a long way to cementing the brand with the newest generation of drivers.


    By the way, it is predicted that sales in the us will have a dramatic fall for may. GM probably the one with the biggest fall…

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