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OK, enough blogging about the site, time to get back to blogging about Saab and cars in general.


GM must know something we don’t about the future efficiency in e85 production and distribution as they’re going gung-ho in trying to get it going in the US. Autoblog report that they’re trying to convince NASCAR to switch.

Why? The fact that NASCAR is regarded as the US’s No.1 motorsport brand will help build faith with potential and as yet reluctant customers. Yep, NASCAR, well and truly above the WRC and F1. And that link is worth hitting if only to see the hideous picture.

Of course, this only means something to Saab if they bring the e85 Biopower Beast to the US market, but word coming to me on the wires is that there’s bugs being ironed out right now on that one.


The elephant in Saab’s corner continues to be the potential for GM to go bankrupt in the US. On that front, the UAW has voted to authorise a member strike should the judge allow Delphi to tear up it’s labour contracts.

This is step 1. If it gets to that point, Delphi will shut down for an undetermined period, drying up parts supply and GM will have a whole new picture to deal with. How this effects GM Europe is unknown at this point, but the next few months will be nothing if not interesting.


The rumour I hear is that the Australian market might be getting oil-sippers for the 2007 model year.

Stay tuned.


I like hearing why people love to drive their Saabs. This one came in via email….

A while ago you asked people to put forward some of the seminal events that lured them into their love affair with Saabs. I didn’t really respond adequately at the time but had an experience this morning that probably illustrates things a little.

Early morning, high speed run to the airport. Minimal traffic, rising sun to the east , touch of rain and patches of heavy fog. Car running along around 130kmh, old James Reyne tape ( yes, tape – the stacker was a casualty of that bingle earlier this year) on the stereo and windows slightly down for that cool morning air. Soft growl of the V6 exhaust with shifts down to 3rd for overtaking. Heated seats, font & rear fogs on and complete confidence that the car will go where I point the Pirellis.

Its experiences like this in my Saab that define the whole, illogical thing for me. Its not rattling my bones at the traffic lights or sending down 5sec 0-100 times. Its not a luxo barge that locks me into a plastic & leather bubble, divorced from the road. Its a very simple, primal driving thrill of a well made machine in balance with itself and its task.

Now that’s the sort of satisfaction that Saab worldwide needs to commuicate to a wider audience.

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  1. NASCAR. I find myself liking some of the stories, but the sport is a difficult one to watch. That picture certainly didn’t make it any easier!

    And, what did I tell you about the Nets? Loosers! The Heat are going to the next round with some rest. It’ll be against the Pistons, who seem incapable of losing right now. Dwayne Wade had better bring his ‘A’ game once again.

    The winner of this series should prove to be the ultimate league champions — the West’s teams seem to be losing ground rather than gaining momentum.

    I’m still calling for the Heat to win it all, but everyone else is fixated on the Pistons. Contrarian, as per usual.

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