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The final of the Eurovision song contest is less than 24 hours away and I’m almost incontinent with anticipation!!

Could the Lithuanians singing “We are the winners of Eurovision” actually win Eurovision?

Can the Swedes win their 5th title??

Could the Finnish entry actually perform an animal sacrifice on stage (if you’ve seen them you’ll know it’s possible)???

I cannot wait!


If you’re wondering why Saab are going so great in the UK, here’s two reasons.

1. The cars are actually pretty darn good, esp with the diesel option available over there.

2. Press like this, from Alan Candy at Luton Today doesn’t hurt, either:

I first tested the SportWagon last year in Sweden, and was deeply impressed by its looks, versatility, comfort and outstanding handling.

Now I’ve had the opportunity to drive the 9-3 SportWagon for a solid week and get to know it a bit better my mind’s even more firmly made up – this is the best value and most outstanding car in the premium cars segment that money can buy.

Given the choice, even up against the all-conquering BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, I’d still pick the Saab without hesitation, and more and more drivers are going down the same road.


Auto 123, from Oh Canada (my wife’s home and native land) have a real eye-opener of a story. Well worth your perusal.

According to them, a survey conducted of 18 to 24 year olds in North America looking for a used car found that 1.28% of them would consider any Saab as a possible purchase. That number alone isn’t going to blow your socks off, but consider that neither BMW nor Mercedes Benz made the list (you needed a 1% mark to qualify) and, as I said, it becomes an eye opener.

Young car buyers like these grow up to have bigger incomes and it’s a good thing that they’re seeing Saab not only as a viable alternative, but as a more viable alternative than some of the fancied Euros.


Edmunds came up with a great one: Corn Squad. Snubbed by President Dubya, the head honchos of the Big 3 went to Washington anyway to promote the further adoption and development of e85 as well as other items of interest *cough*healthcare*cough*.

My position for those that give a rat’s…….I’m all for e85 as more HP equals more fun. But for the best of all worlds, I still can’t believe they’re not bringing in the diesels.


Thanks to TuuSaR in comments, here’s the Finnish entry in Eurovision.

What a thoroughly decent looking, clean cut axe murderer!!


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  1. Here’s a positive bit of news for Saab–I hope they have good experiences so it bodes well for the future:

    Young buyers pick it (Saab) over BWM and Mercedes
    “What’s more telling about the results of this survey is that no BMW or Mercedes models appealed to enough of these young people (1 percent was the minimum level needed) to make the list.
    If I can twist an old expression just slightly, being picked ahead of those two German premium brands by young people tends to give Saab a kind of canary in the cool mine status that’s hard to ignore. Believe me when I tell you that these survey results will give marketing executives at BMW and Mercedes pause.”

  2. Just noticed the expression “canary in the cool mine” when I reread my post. I originally read that as “canary in the coal mine” and thought this might be a typo, but I don’t think so–just a really cool literary play on words;-)

  3. Ted, I do believe that that story is covered in the Snippets 😉

    I read it as coal-mine as well. Amazing how the mind’s processors assume certain things.

    Hey. You have any tips fo where I can pick up a copy of “From 2-stroke to Turbo”?

  4. Shouldnt Eurovision be re-named Eurotrash judging by some of the sad stuff I have seen on the BBC news website? I expect Finland to win -uh NOT- but then again they nexver have even come close to winning. Eurovision used to be fun – now its just lame!

    Good to hear that Saab is on the radar here in Canada when it comes to young buyers. I dont think, at 42, I qualify as young anymore. 🙁

  5. “Ted, I do believe that that story is covered in the Snippets ;-)”
    Sorry Swade. I was too anxious to post, and didn’t read the whole snippets post. I should have known you’d cover it.

  6. WOHOOO, Finland won. Now that is something new. I cheered for them all the way.
    One other thing, I just couldn’t belive when I saw Carola(Sweden). I was in love with her in 1991(when I was 12) when she won with one of the best songs that Eurosong ever had, IMHO. Of course, she is a bit older this time and has red hair but she still has that mighty voice.

  7. Naked guy running down the street, I guess it means that we won!
    Halleluja screams are heard all over Finland. This is biggest thing since hockey gold over 10 years ago.

  8. “Hey. You have any tips fo where I can pick up a copy of ‘From 2-stroke to Turbo’?”

    Swade: I did it again! Didn’t read your whole response–I’ll blame it on my age and too many things to do.
    I just did a search on Amazon.com (USA) and they have 7 used copies (paperback however) from $11.90 (USD) to $19.95 (and one at $37.50?). If I can be of help getting you one, let me know. If you want hardback, I’d be willing to sell you mine if I can get a used paperback version to replace it.
    By the way, it’s “From Two-Stroke to Turbo” by Anders Tunberg (1980).
    Just let me know if I can help.

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