2007 9-3 interior detail

UPDATE: This full-frontal image, including satnav, was linked in comments by ‘Hampus’. The full size image can be seen if you click here.

2007 9-3int with nav.jpg

Just thought I’d add this one, a close up of the dash taken from the Convertible photo used below…

2007 9-3 interior detail.jpg

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  1. You know, that dash panel shape is VERY reminsicent of a classic 900’s fascia panel. The contents in it aren’t, but you get the idea!

  2. Wow, the chromed ring around the top half of the IP gives it the look of the 99/C900 ! And the chromed airvent joysticks are nice. Somehow the more I look at these (assuming these are official and not p’shop’d) the more I take to it 😀

    Better executed interior than the 9-5.

  3. Anyone noticed from the interior pics that are floating on the Net that the entire dash surface appear much more matte (a la A4, Golf, Passat) than the previous shinier material ? Could be just the pics, tho’. But I hope overall dash and console material quality has improved.

  4. I know that many bemoan the new look. I’m of mixed opinion. One thing that would sell me completely is if the new interior has been de-squeaked, de-rattled, and made more solid.

  5. I have read rumors about a face-lifted 9-3 as early as end of this year. Don’t know what to make about that…

  6. I think it looks a lot like my 2005 9-3 interior, I like the chrome around the instrument panel, but the steering wheel looks cheap and i would miss the dash panel SID, love that dispaly, soo easy to see and figure out what is going on. Not sure about the radio, looks good and biger then mine, but I would miss the AUX port in the center console along with the extra power adapter, that is assuming that they are now missing as the AUX is on the radio, as in all GM.
    BUt it does look like everything is still in the same places just tweaked a bit. It is growing on me and probably will look better in person

  7. With nav I think it’s not so bad as the original p-shop image that was floated, and the simplicity of the dash may be a winner. If interior fit, finish and durability is not improved it will still not be the winner that SAAB needs. They are such beautiful cars, but the poor durability of the interior in my 2004 is really frustrating on a daily basis.

  8. Even though i still like the interior of my ’02 9-3, i’m beginning to like the new interiors. These new pics are starting to grow on me as compared to the original woodgraine pics posted here a couple weeks back. I was taken aback by those pics…but these look much better in a more modern black and silver finish.

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