2007 9-3 Summary

I thought it appropriate to do a summary of the story of the last 48 hours or so: the release of pictures for the exterior and interior of the 2007 model Saab 9-3. This was certainly unexpected, but welcome.

The new interior is touted as being inspired by the refreshed 9-5 interior as well as a flashback to the classic Saab 900. That trimline around the dash certainly is reminiscent of the C900, no doubt about it. And the full images look better than the original pre-release photo that was debuted on this site a few weeks ago.

There’s a Saab press release about the new interior here. There’s also larger detail photos of the interior available here.

2007 9-3vert int sml.jpg . 2007 9-3SS int sml.jpg

I’m willling to say I’m warming to things a little more after seeing these, though I’ve still got my reservations about the audio and climate systems. I really think they need to be further differentiated from the rest of GM’s stable.


The exterior is largely unchanged, although the wheels look a little different to me (can someone Australian tell me: do they look like Commodore wheels to you?)

Slightly larger exterior shots are available here.

2007 9-3SCfr sml.jpg . 2007 9-3SCrr sml.jpg . 2007 9-3SSfr sml.jpg

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  1. The Wheels are the standard Aero 17″. Nothing new there…
    Alot of 2.8T Aero pictures show the Multi-Spoke 18″ wheels that I’m sure are an optional extra in all markets.

  2. In EU is these Wheels standard VECTOR 17″ .Aero hawe double 5 spoke and 18″ , but point is , there is no change exept new colours option. Interior is nothing but costs-save action.

  3. While they may be Aero Standard, they are very reminiscent of the Wheels from a Series II VY SS. The VY Mags, however have a raised edge on the spokes, where these are smooth.

  4. I made the jump to an 06 9-3 Aero to avoid this interior change. The simpler 07 controls are nice. But, the patched holes in the dash where the SID and the SID dial used to be are sad. More de-contenting of Saab by Generic Motors. When can we expect the 9-3 name change to Malibaab or Impalaab?

  5. Malibaab or Impalaab, haha. In my view to modify the established and purposefully designed 9-3 SS interior (which of course needs some refinement in fit and finish, but in general is quite ergonomic and unique) to conform to the lame duck, stop-gap, parts bin liberated interior of the new 9-5 is a mistake. Additionally, for them to say the change is an effort to streamline the brands is nothing short of a good spin job. The 9-5 interior, in my view, should have been a higher quality evolution of the 9-3 SS interior. Of course, we accept the current version of the 9-5 knowing that it is just to be a stop gap until the “real” version is released in 2008. How could they raze a 9-3 SS interior design that took years to develop in favor of the emergency make-over design brandished by the 9-5? Answer: That’s GM for you. The fact is, with these changes GM has given SAAB more of an identity crisis than it’s ever had. It’s like SAAB is going through puberty and we’re here for the awkward stages. I remain guardedly optimistic, Cheers all.

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