9-3 (or 9-5) photoshop pic

Thanks to Olav for emailing me this pic. When I saw it my first thought was “9-3 Sport Sedan with a little bit of Aero-X interpretation added in” but the original shot (click here – it’s a little bigger) was called “new95”.

Obviously a photoshop job, but the shape’s not too bad and the Aero-X treatment at the front, whilst a little scraggly in this instance, doesn’t look too bad.

Definitely has potential. What do you think?

New 9-5 or 9-5 pshop.jpg

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  1. Potential, yes. Is it my vision, or does the rear wheel seem a whole lot smaller than the front wheel? Follow the line of the side moulding. It intersects the front rim about a quarter way down, but it intersects the rear rim at its top.
    Or, perhaps, does the rear of the car sit higher than the front?

  2. Posted too soon again. Just looked at 9-3’s on eBay. The side moulding runs uphill toward the rear, same effect.

  3. i have seen the facelift of the 9-3 due next year,the real facelift is very very beautifull, this photograph
    is horrible

  4. Could this be a face lift for the 9-3 if so looks good to me. Or what about using this shape for the next Holden Monaro . Food for thought. As GM owns SAAB swapping cars can works both ways..A Holden thats a SAAB ….wouldn’t that get up some noses.

  5. Patrick,

    Do you work for, or are affiliated with, Saab or GME in any way ? Any more you could tell us about the rest of the next 9-3 ?

  6. Not good enough !
    The Front makes me think of Renault Laguna… adjust the proportions and it should be quite nice.

  7. The facelifted 9-3 is coming in september 2007, I can tell you that you will be very pleased with the facelift
    I only have seen the car on an official photograph
    Its waaaaaw

  8. Very disappointing – not much of an edge in this design – it must be a 9-3 lash-up. 9-5 will need to be much more eye-catching if it is to compete with edgy BMW-5 and sleek Audi6. Agree this looks vey generic and Japanese. Hoping for better….

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