9-3 Speculation Snippets

Wow! Let out one Saab 9-3 photoshop job and all of a sudden there’s a bunch out there….

This is a 9-3 re-skin as photoshopped by regular commenter WooDz. It’s a roughie but it’s going somewhere. Definitely has a bit of aggression about it.


And from Brendan in comments, a link to a 9-3 convertible with the proposed new interior in it. Now, I’m no wiz with photoshop. I don’t know hard it is to fabricate something like this, but this looks pretty good (in terms of the finish on the photoshop job – the jury’s still out about the interior).

2007 9-3 conv interior.jpg


Sorting the speculative photoshop pictures and the other stuff…….

Commenter “Patrick” says that he has seen pictures of a new 9-, which he says is due for release in September 2007. This would make it the MY2008 car, which is supposed to be on Epsilon II.

I have seen the photograph in the factory in Sweden.
It’s far more sportier and better looking then the current 9-3.
It will come out in September 2007.
I’ve seen it last year in November, so its a little difficult to say how it looks like but they have done a great job with it.

There you go.

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  1. SAAB designers could learn a thing or two from the photoshop(ers) on this site. That 9-3 looks great! The blacked out A pilers and black rear view mirror look very sharp. The whole design is very minimalist, which is the the definition of scandinavian design. Take note SAAB.

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