9-3 SportCombi e-test

I’d like to thank Turbin for sending this one in.

The following link is to an Australian car magazine in PDF format. It’s 2.4MB in size and of course, you’ll need Adobe Reader to open it (free download). I’m not very experienced with downloadable magazines, but this is a pretty good presentation.

The reason I’m highlighting this one is because it features a writeup of the 9-3 SportCombi V6 Aero. In their words, it provides as many pleasant surprised as it does disappointments. I think that’s probably a bit of prose written for prose’s sake. They certainly appear to be happy about the engine, the inside, the outside and the load-carrying capacity.

Ahhhh, what would they know anyway, other than how to produce a pretty nifty magazine.

The Mag (PDF doc, 2.4MB)


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