9-5 on video

According to the blurb at Google, this is the video that was shown at the launch of the 9-5 around the world in the late 1990’s. Having just looked it over, it’s actually a 9-5 SportWagon video release, and although a bit on the arty side it’s worth 2 minutes of your time.


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  1. Love it. Makes me want to go out for a blast around the back of Sydney with some funky music on….i think i might:>)

  2. Well, the numbers for hole of Europe is presented in various news all over Sweden.
    SAAB up this month by 34,7%!
    YTD figures is 24.3% for SAAB.
    Market was up by 9.6% in May and 2.4% YTD.
    All numbers according to ACEA.

    I bow for SAAB. But! What can SAAB do to convince the US folks to try those SAAB seats?
    New ads? New cars? Or is it with new engines SAAB will “get those bums in the seats”

  3. This video was included in the CD that followed every new car in 1999 when the kombi was first sold… I was there at the launch where some of this film was made… =)

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