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Comment spam is the bane of many a blogger and this site is no exception.

As a result, I’ve implemented a plugin that should keep commenting pretty simple whilst keeping the spammers at bay.

In the comments form (scroll down below to see it if you like), there’s your typical fields for Name, Email and URL. There’s also a new field called “Passphrase”. By entering the passphrase you’re telling the computer that you’re a person rather than a spambot. The passphrase is unique to this site and is very simple and very Saaby – “viggen”.

All you need to do is enter the passphrase into that field and then continue commenting as you normally would. I’ve even included the word ‘viggen’ in brackets right where you have to enter it just in case you forget.


If there’s any problems, then please let me know via email ( —->replace -at- with @).


Trollhattan Saab

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  1. My second Saab, an ’02 95 linear with 41K miles puffs smoke briefly on starting. Dealer says oil is getting into turbo, it has to be replaced for $2k I wonder why it can’t be fixed simply with a turbo gasket kit I just discovered at Europarts? Any suggestions? The ’86 9000 is still running well.

  2. Luigi, you’d be better off posting your question in a forum more suited to help you with your issue, such as here:

    Regarding your problem though I know this was a problem on the NG900 and OG9-3, but didn’t know it was a problem on the 9-5.

    This is a problem where the crankcase vent gets plugged and pressure builds-up, forcing oil past the gaskets that are supposed to keep oil out of the turbo. The oil migrates past the seals and gets into both the air intake pipe to the turbo and the turbo itself. The only way to fix it at that point is to not only fix the crankcase vent itself to avoid this from happening again, but you have to replace both the turbo and the pipes to the turbo. That’s why it’s so expensive. Once the oil’s in there there’s no way to get it out.

    But you should post over at SAAB Central anyway (do a search for “blue smoke”). I could be wrong in my analysis. Good luck.

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