Antler guy?

Any ideas as to what this guy’s doing, or captions for the photo are welcome in comments. It’s 12.24 a.m. here so I’ll explain tomorrow.

Antler man.jpg

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  1. Al is ever so close….

    ‘Leif Ekstrom serves as a stand-in reindeer in Saab’s arctic visibility safety testing near Malmberget, Sweden. Mr. Ekstrom, 37, was the managing engineer of the firm’s ‘plug in’ Biopower hybrid system until that program was abruptly halted earlier this year.’

  2. Could have been a photographer disguised as a reindeer while trying to get a shot of the new 9-4X at winter testing in northern Sweden.

    8.25 PM and still 1 1/2 hour til the sun goes down. How I love this time of year… 🙂

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