Aussie Sales – May 2006

The problem with the old adage that “the customer is always right” is that it fails to mention the fact that sometimes the customer is an ass.

In related news, Australian Saab sales for the month of May 2006 were up. Way up. We’re working from a small base, but a rise of 57.6% is admirable whichever way you slice it. Saab sold 156 vehicles in May this year, compared to 99 vehicles in May 2006. They’re up 36.9% for the year to date.

Earlier in the year, Saab Australia decided to cut some equipment on the 9-3 Linear in order to get the price below A$40,000. These numbers seem to indicate that it may have been a good decision.

June will be interesting too as Saab have had a big promotion on here in Oz over the last few weeks, culminating in a big event last weekend.

Way to go, Saab Oz!!

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