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There’s a great article in a magazine here in Australia called ‘Unique Cars’. It’s a magazine full of ads for cars that are for sale and all of them are generally rather special in some way. They also have some feature articles and this month one of the features is about West Australian Saab Car Club Oz member, Henk O, and his magnificent Sonett III and his even rarer 1955 Saab 92B.

I’m hoping to be able to reproduce the article here (waiting on permission), but while I’m waiting I’ll spend a little moment cutting it’s lunch.

In the article, the author asserts that Henk’s Sonett may be the only Sonett III here in Australia. Unfortunately for Henk but thankfully for Saabophiles on the East Coast, the author is incorrect.

Thanks to Brendan in Sydney, who’s a 99 Turbo owner and therefore a man of taste and distinction, here’s a few photos of another Sonett III here in Oz. This one resides somewhere in Melbourne and I’m hoping to get a closer look for myself some time.

For you Aussies, I can highly recommend picking up a copy of Unique Cars. It’s Issue 261, the current one, with Brocky and Moffat on the cover. The photos of the 92B are priceless and Henk should be congratulated on the condition of both cars.

As mentioned, I’m hoping for permission to reprint the article here. In the meantime, the blue Victorian is below. Enjoy.

Sonett III blue.jpg

Sonett III blue engine.jpg

Sonett III blue interior.jpg

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  1. It’s not to bad in everyday driving overtaking is the only problem, you have to listen carefully and make sure the passenger is saying “NO” not “GO” and stand on the Breaks if it was “NO”

  2. I don’t know if this is on any body else’s radar but Just Car Magazine (in Oz) are up to Part 7 of the History of Saab. Haven’t read it yet but it seams to be about the 99 Turbo and 900 (from the pictures and the fact they did the 99 last month)

  3. I recently read on SaabCentral of another Sonnet II on it’s way to Australia.

    The Unique cars article was great, although I was a little dismayed to see that Henk’s Sonnet was missing both the front and rear bumpers!


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