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Ah, here I am. Late at night, trying to stay awake another two hours just to wait for the game to start. The Socceroos are playing the Azzuri tonight in the round of 16. The target: win, get a shot at Switzerland or the Ukraine, then on to the main target – England!


Does anyone in Europe have a copy of the Auto Motor & Sport issue with the “9-5X” on the cover?

Any chance of getting a photo of the cover and emailing it to me?

Pretty please with a cherry on top?


The Saab 9-3 SportCombi has just won its first award – a design award from a German design group called Red Dot. This is so fresh that it’s not even on Red Dot’s site yet.

Thankfully, Saab Germany have a press release, which I’ll paraphrase and summarise to the best of my ability.

Ruesselsheim – A high honor for the Saab 9-3 sport combi: Red Dot Design Award.

The jury members were convinced of the dynamic proportions of the 9-3 sport combi with the momentumful front portion, the short rear overhang and the wedge-shaped profile. The large, rear lights, like transparent frosted glass ice blocks, attached at the D-pillars bent forward, underline the flow tail organization with the signature hockey stick form, characteristic of Saab.

Not only was the jury of the Red Dot awards impressed by the 9-3 SportCombi, customers are proving it popular too: Already before its introduction on the market in September 2005 were present in Germany over 800 orders – the best result, which ever reached Saab during the introduction on the market of a new model…..

…..The “Red Dot Design Award” involved over 2.000 participants from 41 nations.

in 2002, Saab were at the Frankfurt IAA presenting the Saab 9X – a revolutionary Four in One study, which united Coupé, roadster, combination and Pick Up in one vehicle – with Red Dot Award distinguished. The conception of the Saab 9X was the prelude of the largest product offensive of the Swedish Premium ­marque, which was accompanied by world premieres of further concepts such as 9-3X and 9-3 sport Hatch.

Congratulations Saab!


I’ve been hanging around Saab forums and Car Clubs long enough to know that for many people, one Saab is simply not enough.

New York Times writer Jeff Sabatini seems to be cut from the same cloth:


Jeff currently owns a Saab 9-3 Sports Sedan and was recently offered a 9-3 SportCombi to test. An offer that has made quite an impression:

A BLACK 2006 Saab 9-3 sedan is parked in my driveway, and it does not belong to General Motors. No, it’s mine, and since I acquired it last December I have enjoyed driving it more than any test vehicle that has since arrived at my house…..

…..Six months in, there is little I don’t like about my Saab. Yet I am still struggling with a terrible case of buyer’s remorse. The cause is a new 9-3 model, the SportCombi.

Try this link to read the full article. If it doesn’t work, you may have to subscribe.

Thanks to James and Michael for the heads-up.


Even CNN are running a story on the possibility of GM unveiling a plug-in hybrid soon. Autoblog Green ran it late last week and I dealt with it here. CNN spoke to Brian Corbett, a spokesman for GM, who basically told them to “speak to the hand.”

Nothing about Saab in the article at all, by the way.

I wish CNN had gone to GM forearmed with some knowledge about the Saab Biopower hybrid from the Stockholm show. Perhaps his answers would have been a little more interesting.

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  1. There were links to scanned pics of the whole article (including the cover) in the comments ten days ago or so. It’s not there anymore?

  2. So Swade…You didn’t save a copy of the HUGE files did you?
    To bad I’m not at home where the mag AND the scanned pics are.

    Looked in to the admin page of my web…”Admin has removed some of the images due to continuous and excessive traffic…”.
    He, he. Seems like some people out there had an interest in this article.

  3. It’s funny, I was just reading an article at Edmunds ( I linked to through AutoBlogGreen which was meant as a counterpoint to the upcoming documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” (I’d post the link to the movie’s website here but I’m afraid the spam filter would dump me for too many links. Just Google the title of the movie to find the official site and watch the trailer online).

    In the article the guy arguing against the film’s claims agrees with the filmmaker on only one point: GM should have leveraged the technology of the EV1 (not the SAAB EV-1, the GM one) to use in hybrid technology, since the EV1 was heavily subsidized by the U.S. taxpayers. Now that GM is coming out with a plug-in hybrid, I wonder if any of that technology was bridged-over from the EV1 program or if SAAB came up with all of this on their own…

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