British Motor Show

You British folks get to see nearly all the year’s news in one show when the British Motor Show starts in London next month, July 20-30.

The Aero-X will be there, as will the Biopower Hybrid (it’s a plugin, shhhhh) 9-3 Convertible concept.

In keeping with Saab’s recent tradition of announcing something new at nearly every motor show, they’ll be at it again – debuting the 2.3 litre Biopower engine. This one makes for 210bhp as opposed to the 185 bhp of the current 2.0 litre Biopower engine and it’ll be available soon for all 9-5 sedans and wagons, except for the Aero models.

The only new thing for 2006 that won’t be there is the revised 9-3 interior.

If there’s anything more to this story, which there isn’t, it’s over at Channel 4.

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