But who speaks for the flowers?

I’m not going to spend a lot of time getting all steamed up about this, and I may ruffle a few feathers. But what the hell – Animal Defenders International should feel free to go take a long walk on a short pier.

I’m all for the protection and responsible treatment of animals, but crap like this should be called for what it is. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck……oh, sorry, I’m using a duck’s image for entertainment there.

And with that, you get where this story is going. ADI have issued a press release having a crack at our favourite Swede for the use of a bear and a lynx in two of their ad campaigns. The bear had to travel around three or four hours (arrrrrgh!) to the set where the ad was shot. In addition to this hardship it has to endure food being provided for it, a caring owner that quite likely saved it as an orphaned cub and minimal risk of getting shot by some redneck that wants to break the law and snare himself a skin.

Here’s the bear’s harrowing performance, weak stomachs should look away:

ADI also have their knickers in a twist over the latest 9-5 campaign, Animal Vision, which features a Lynx in the TV ad.

You can visit the Animal Vision microsite here and see how they torture cute little Lynxes.

OK, I got steamed after all. ADI – eat my shorts!

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  1. That’s a great commercial. I hope the bear is ok having to endure such hardship. If they thought that was tough on the bear what will they say when they find out about the moose test.

    Ps. Also I see a new ad campaign direction here – Born from Canada geese – it could be huge.

  2. Swade,
    I’m such an animal lover that I became a vegetarian a few years back, but I’ve got to say your comments are “right on.”

  3. I live only about 10 km from Trollhättan and this is NOT a mountainous area and every year we see several lynxes waking around in the forest. I’m wondering if that animal rights person has ever had an encounter with a lynx… I have, more than once…

  4. Ted, thanks for your understanding as I mean no offence to some such as yourself. It’s not stricly a Saab issue and I thought twice about publishing as I didn’t want to chance ruffling the feathers of some animal lovers over something that isn’t strictly a Saab issue. A lot of these folks are extremist though and totally impractical.

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