Car Design News on the Aero-X

It’s 1.50 a.m. here, so forgive me for not writing more about this, but I thought it’d be a little slack of me if I didn’t mention that Car Design News have finally published their design study piece on the Aero-X.

It’s a subscriber-only piece and I’d like to thank one particular subscriber (that I won’t name as I don’t want to get him into trouble) for fowarding the text to me.

Obviously I can’t reproduce it in all its glory, but will look to give you a taste tomorrow morning, when the hour lends itself to such endeavours.

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  1. When talking about design. The new issue of the Swedish edition of Auto Motor & Sport talks about the Saab. The articel is positive about Saab for the coming year. After visiting Pixbo and Rüsselheim, they present the following prediction:

    – Saab 9-4X (spring 2007)
    – Saab 9-5 (autumn 2007)
    – roadster/coupé with Aero-X heritage (2008)
    – Saab 9-1 (2008)
    – Saab 9-3 (2009)

    9-5 is said to get really futuristic interior with cutting-edge technology.

    I hope they face-lift the 9-3 before that 2009, but overall positive news if it’s true. Maybe someone who is subscribing to the magazine can fill in the blanks.

    Go Go Trinidad & Tobago! 🙂

  2. Yeah!
    Just bought a copy of that mag when purchasing som stuff prepering for the fotball tonight. Realy positive reading.
    Swade! Som god pics in your mail later on this evening.
    The issue is very much SAAB!

  3. Sweden wins, 1-0.
    The mag is out. Got it in my hand.
    Noticed that pics and a fishy translation is on SC.
    Even the editorial is all about SAAB, how the leader is more relaxed, more open and very confident. The mag says that during the visit at pixbo and russelsheim gave the same feeling that SAAB once had. And the thing that gave this change of attitude is: Aero-X, ethanol and the fact that GM and SAAB finally is talking the same language and the results is imidiate.
    Just read what the designer of the Aero-X says:
    “For me the ‘ur-saab’ is the c900. From that design we can pick endless of lines and make a car with more saablines. Some lines must be exagurated as the windsheld form but soften up others.”
    This must be good news, right?
    Plenty of reading. 13 pages all about Saab.

  4. Anybody could give a scanned version or doc of the Article?? It would very interesting for me to use it in the Club Saab of Spain news section.


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