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UPDATE: Comments are now working!

When you enter your comment, there is a passphrase field. This is to assure it’s a human writing and not a spambot. In this field you just need to write the word “viggen” and your comment will be accepted, no problem. I’ve even included the passphrase in the label where you have to write it, just in case you forget. Hopefully this will end the spam isses.


The Aussies play Japan in the world cup in about 4 hours (as at the time of writing).


Oi Oi Oi!!!


Due to popular demand, there’s a visible “trollhattansaab” label in the title picture, above, rather than the arty fading white one I originally had. This should be the last of the tweaks for a whiile.


There’s not a whole lot of Saab news going around right now. I have a week off work, the NBA finals are on (boohoo, Miami’s getting their butt kicked) and the World Cup is on. Therefore I may be a little distracted this week.

For your visual enjoyment, here’s the view from our living room window….

Hobart panorama 500.jpg

Huge full image here: View image

As you can see, Hobart’s surrounded by hills, so views aren’t too hard to come by.

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  1. Nice view Swade !
    If I cut down some trees on my neighsbours properties I could see the Trollhattan plant in the distance… wanna trade ? 😉

  2. The Heat down 2-0. It looks like the Mav’s year. Could turn in Miami, but I doubt it. At this point, it appears that Miami will be lucky to win 2 games in the series. Oh well, Dirk is the man.

  3. Very nice view, Swade. It looks amazingly like the central interior part (Okanagan) of BC, my wife’s favorite part of BC.

  4. All the hype and excitement I have experienced since taking a spin in my friends Saab is making me want to dance with slices of Pastrami in my underpants. I am told it is the most sensual of all the cured meats.

  5. J-Esssssssssssssssssssss

    You and your sensual cured meats are always more than welcome. I might have to try out the Viggen on some of your Biodiesel.

    For the rest of you, Jono lives somewhere in that view you can see in the photo above. I had the pleasure of taking the Viggen through the twisties to go there today and watch Miami beat Dallas in the NBA finals.

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