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There’s been a heck of a lot to ponder over the last week or so on the Saab front.  The most ponderous ponderings at TS headquarters have involved the recent article at Auto Motor and Sport (read about it here and here).  This article predicted the following model releases over the next few years.

– Saab 9-4X (spring 2007)
– Saab 9-5 (autumn 2007)
– roadster/coupé with Aero-X heritage (2008)
– Saab 9-1 (2008)
– Saab 9-3 (2009)

9-5 is said to get really futuristic interior with cutting-edge technology.

I don’t know about you, but to me that strikes as a profound turnaround in Saab’s vehicle development fortunes.  If this is true, then the guy on the right here is going to be busier than a mother of triplets at an ADD convention. 

Jorgen is the vehicle line director for the Saab 9-5 and I’d take a guess and say that along with the designers and beancounters, he’d have a bit to do with the development and production of the supposed new model.  If the article is accurate (and that’s a reasonably big "if"), then we’ve got AWD, higher output and a whole heap of new technology to look forward to. 

Could this be the flagship that finally elevates Saab to being considered as a player against the big Germans?  Time will tell.  I’m a solid believer that this is their rightful place, as it was in the revolutionary days of the 99T and 900.

But back to that proposed model lineup.  Saabisti were full of hope for the future when the 9x and 9-3x concepts were unveiled around 5 years ago.  A golden age was dawning and Saab threatened a return to the sort innovative leadership and that ability to punch above their weight that so prominently marked the 96, 99T and C900 years.  That golden age was tossed in the wake of the need to drastically cut costs. 

This proposed lineup gives some hope for a golden return.  If executed properly and within that time frame, with the cherry being an Aero-X inspired coupe, then the future really is looking so bright I’ve gotta wear shades.


Congratulations to Sweden on a 2-2 draw with England.  The second round awaits – here’s hoping the Aussies can join you there.

I’d congratulate England too, but I’m still smarting over the Ashes, a wound that wont heal for about another 6 or 7 months.


I still haven’t been able to find that mysterious new Saab Performance Team video.  If anyone’s got a link, please share.


Whilst checking out the corporate profiles for the 9-5 bit above, I also noticed this photo.  I know a few people named Eric, but none of them are so easy on the eyes.

Her real name is Kristina Geers.  Eric Geers is actually the Executive Director, Communications and does look a lot more manly.  I’m going to stop poking fun about anything to do with this photo because Kristina’s the one person at Saab that would genuinely frighten me. 

She’s their top lawyer!

If anyone at GM Media wants to fix the faux pas, the error is here.  I’d recommend doing it now before she sues your ass.

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  1. Not to be a naysayer, but I think that Saab’s treading on thin ice with that many models in that short window.

    As we may remember fondly, Saab’s great vehicles were built in a time when the company had one or two lines. Now, what will it be — 4? 5? Diluting effort is not the way to refinement. It just isn’t.

    I would much rather see the 9-3 or 9-5 stretched into new applications — ever wish for a 9-5 3-door or ‘vert? How about a 9-3 or 9-5 AWD model? New powerplant options? These goodies come when you let the engineers loose to experiment with the parts they have, not when you keep them on a schedule to re-work sheetmetal and leather.

  2. “busier than a mother of triplets at an ADD convention” — Hahahahahaha!

    And Swedish lawyers don’t scare me even if they are good-looking blonde women. Swedes are just too accomodating by nature to have that killer instinct.

  3. Mother of triplets at an ADD convention ?!? Sounds original, or is that a cliche line down unda, haha.

    That’s a VERY ambitious expansion plan over the next 3-4 years. Will Saab pull it off ? Quite possibly. But I’m also worried about the Saab dealers network. From what I’ve read on various Saab forums (add my own Saab dealer experience), there’s a lot left to be desired at your typical SAAB / [and another cheap incongruous brand here] dealer, overall service, competence and value are seriously lacking especially for a semi-luxo brand. Let’s hope the dealers networks improve in time for whatever product onslaught Saab is about to make.


  4. Ken, it was indeed an original, but inspired by a Stephen King line that I’ve used here before and didn’t want to use again – “busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest”. His is much better.

    Gents, it is indeed an ambitious plan. I have my reservations but am fascinated at the possiblities.

    End o the day, it’s a very big IF and we’re going on the word of a magazine. Even if Auto Motors and Sport have a solid base for their claims, I know some treat AMS with a grain of salt.

  5. AMS is actually sold out around were a live. Grrr… But managed to download the article from the links in the comments last week. A few more things:

    After going thrugh the coming line-up, they say: “And don’t forget combi and ‘cross country’ versions of some cars and a new 9-7X built in the U.S.” [cross country referring to Volvo XC70]

    Alex Daniel, designer: “For me, the “real Saab” is the 900 model [and not the old 92 that the interviewer asked about]. We can really use it’s design language. Soften the lines, exaggerate the rounded windshield.”

  6. The ‘one-legged man…’ phrase is as old as the hills. My wife’s grandmother used to say that all the time. Stephen King is a great writer, but that one wasn’t original.

    Busy as a….
    …One-armed paper hanger.
    …Cat covering sh!t.
    …Whore on an aircraft carrier.

    All the same….

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