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It’s the end of June, the end of the financial year (here in Oz at least) and, in completely unrelated news, the end of Alfablogger. I just can’t put the time into it that I’d like to, so it’s up for grabs (very cheap) until the end of July. If anyone’s got an Alfa interest and is keen to dip their toes into the world of blogging, feel free to drop me a line.


Shortly after setting up this site, I thought it’d be fun to design some T-shirts to sell. I have one of them myself. I set up a few designs over at Cafepress and even had an ad in the sidebar for a while. One guy out there is the owner of a one-of-a-kind 9-2x T-shirt as a result.

I took the ad down and forgot about them until just the other day. Turns out someone else purchased one of the “Convertible” T-shirts just last month. How they found them I’ll never know, but find them they did. Now there’s two of us with Convertible shirts. Welcome brother!


Ever heard of ‘aggressivity’?

Monash University here in Australia has just completed one of the world’s largest crash-data studies. This is a study of real crashes and real injuries, hence the outcomes relate to used cars rather than new cars. There’s also a stronger presence of 3-10 year old cars in the results, given the greater number of them that are involved in crashes.

The data produced measures of crashworthiness and aggressivity, which is explained thus:

….how badly the vehicle is likely to harm other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, in a crash…

….Of the 305 vehicle models included in the survey, 284 were also assessed for aggressivity. The average vehicle aggressivity rating resulted in 3.9 serious injuries to other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, per 100 crashes.

Of the vehicle models assessed, 74 rated above average, while 56 rated worse than average.

Crashworthiness is pretty straightforward.

The Saab results…

The Saab 9000 and Gm900/9-3 were the only Saabs listed and both were reported as being above average for crashworthiness, with no Saabs being listed as below average.

The top 10 for crashworthiness were as follows:

• Volkswagen Passat (1998-2004)
• Kia Carnival (1999-2004)
• Peugeot 406 (1996-2004)
• Subaru Forester (2002-2004)
• Chrysler Voyager (1997-2004)
• Peugeot 306 (1994-2001)
• Honda CR-V (2002-2004)
• Holden Rodeo (2003-2004)
• Mazda 19929 / Sentia / Efini MS-9 (1992-1996)
• Honda Prelude (1997-2002)

The Saab 9000 came in at No. 11, but it sounds strange having a top-11

The worst vehicles in terms of crashworthiness were:

• Daihatsu Hi-Jet (1982-1990)
• Suzuki Alto (1985-2000)
• Mitsubishi Starion (1982-1987)
• Daihatsu Mira (1990-1996)
• Holden / Suzuki Scurry / Carry (1982-2000)
• Suzuki Mighty Boy (1985-1988)
• Suzuki Hatch / Alto (1982-1984)
• Hyundai Getz (2002-2004)
• Subaru Sherpa / Fiori / 700 / Rex (1989-1992)
• Daihatsu Handivan (1982-1990)
• Suzuki Swift (1982-1985)

Matt the Saabologist, please take note of #7 and drive carefully on your fundge-runs!!

In terms of aggressivity, the results are a little harder to interpret, as they have to combine vehicle size and speed as well as the number of injuries caused. In any case, for what it’s worth here’s the 3 least aggressive vehicles:

• Alfa Romeo 33 (1983-1992)
• Suzuki Baleno / Cultus Crescent (1995-2002)
• Renault Feugo (1982-1987)

The Classic Saab 900 was in the top-10 for least aggressive – though that depends on how you drive it, right Alaero, SAB? 😉

Here’s the three most aggressive vehicles:

• Holden Monaro (2001-2004)
• Toyota Hilux (2003-2004)
• Toyota Supra (1982-1990)

Predictably, the most aggressive category was dominated by SUV’s, Commercial vehicles and large cars.

For those that are into such things, the full report, a 1MB pdf, is here.

Thanks to Turbin for the heads up


Finally, being the end of the month, it’s time for sales data figures for June. These should be out early next week. As mentioned earlier this month, don’t expect big numbers from the US. In fact, expect a decent drop of up to 50% compared to last year.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Deevo.
    Although the Getz did not score too well,which is a bit of a shame,the NCAP rates it well (Overall score 21.78 out of 37)and this was for the model with only drivers airbag.
    However it scores dismaly in the pedestrian crash test 5 points out of 36 (14%),but who cares about that right, i mean are we gonna make cars outa sea sponges next to help the tards who get in our way??
    The new Getz is pretty safe though,Excellent handling for micro car,drivers and passengers bags and tensioners,active head restraints(dunno where they got that idea)ABS and a safety package that adds ESP and side airbags for under $1300.
    No other car in that class can match it for the price.
    And lastly i believe in avoiding the smash rather than trying to survive.

  2. Hehe! The least aggressive 🙂 I love people are unassuming about Saabs 🙂 They don’t realise how quick they can be made!

    Long live the Silver Sled 🙂


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