GM unveiling Plug-In in January?

I’ve been persisiting with the story about the Saab Biopower hybrid being hushed up as a plug-in hybrid for exactly this reason. One day the whole GM plug-in thing was going to come back…..

Autoblog Green have a story out today that GM may be setting up to unveil a plug-in hybrid at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2007. This is a leak only and there’s no word as to which GM brand will ‘debut’ the technology, but it’s said that production of the vehicle is around a year away.

They cite the timing as being rather convenient as there’s a movie coming out in a week’s time dealing with the death of GM’s Ev1 electric car.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the back-story here, Saab (owned by GM) unveiled a Biopower Hybrid concept car back in March at the Stockholm Motor Show. The technology was housed in a Saab 9-3 Convertible to show its compactness and by combining Saab’s E100 Biopower engine with two electric motors, it was claimed to produce zero fossile fuel emissions.

This was a great new concept, no doubt. What Saab were stopped from telling everyone, allegedly by head honchos at GM, was that it was even better than announced. Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, discovered that Saab were told to change their press releases at the last minute.

The Biopower hybrid concept car was, in fact, a plug-in hybrid car. The plug was apparently behind the badge on the trunk, which was glued up for the Stockholm show.

The “Smoking Gun” press release, with info about the plug-in capability, is here.

If GM are going to unveil a plug-in hybrid in Detroit, then all well and good. I just hope that it’s in a Saab as the brand deserves the recognition for the work done, and could certainly use the positive publicity as it’s well underappreciated in the US.

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