‘Heritage’ Video

Another good grab from Google Video. This one promotes Saab’s aircraft history with film of planes, film of cars, planes, cars etc etc. They even mention the ‘founded by 16 aircraft engineers thing’.

But this was made in 2001, a full 4 or so years before Born From Jets.

btw, I heard that some goofball has pretty much forced Saabvideos.com to shut up shop. What a stupid idea. All the site did was promote the brand. What do they think they’re protecting by doing that? It’s not like any of the videos were classified, or valuable to those other than enthusiasts.

I want to thank Mr Saabvideos for his efforts and hope that some sort of compromise or rearrangement can be organised.

In the meantime, enjoy this…..

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  1. Did you catch the short flash of “SVC” initials about 30-60 seconds before the end?

    In 2001, at any rate, Saab Variable Compression was significant enough to include in the marketing material.

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