Jalopnik podcast the pimped 9-7x

Jalopnik have covered the pimped 9-7x both on their blog, and in their daily podcast that also features Robert Farago of The Truth About Cars.

Their verdict: They like it. I’m not sure about whether they like the fact that they like it, but like it they do.

The podcast also goes into how Saab diehards hate the whole 9-7x idea, and they do the usual dismissal of the vehicle as just an SS Trailblazer with a body kit, yada yada yada.

The GM challenge: Give Farago a 9-7x to test. If it’s as good as the road tests and improving sales numbers indicate, then make him shut his piehole.

I maintain a sometimes-grudging-but-quite-genuine respect for Farago, admiring his steadfast refusal to accept any advertising and therefore remain independant. Anyone familiar with his work would know that he’s the motoring journalist’s equivalent of a vulture just waiting to pick at GM’s carcass (for the unfamiliar, he runs a regular spot called GM Deathwatch that’s now over 80 episodes in length).

I believe he’s willing to judge a good vehicle on its merits though, so if the 9-7x is as good as we’re led to believe, then lets stop the Trailblazer blow-off references in their tracks.

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  1. Robert Farago is the most cynical and biased “automotive journalist” I know of. The podcast was worthless because he found every opportunity he could to bash GM. I don’t even know the guy’s impression of the VUE hybrid because Farago turned it into how GM’s 72 hour sale is a last-ditch attempt to sell cars when in fact it’s to counter Chrysler’s last-ditch attempt to sell cars. What really pissed me off was the fact that both Spinelli and Farago dismiss the 9-7x as a Chevy with the ignition on the console. We have so gotten over that. If he just DROVE one he wouldn’t be thinking that way.

    Simply put, I don’t take anything Robert Farago says seriously. But if he just drove the 9-7x, I think it would shut him up for at least a couple minutes.

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