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Any of you Swedes been out and purchased the latest copy of Auto Motor And Sport yet?

I’d love to know what this cover story is about.

AMS se edition copy.jpg

That looks like a definite photoshop job to me, but it’s interesting anyway. By 9-5x I assume they’re talking about the next generation on Epsilon II that’ll be AWD-capable. If there’s anything definite in the magazine story then anyone’s quick translation would be welcome in comments.

UPDATE: ctm, I feel so embarassed!!

Folks, ctm and Vector 220 had a discussion about this article in comments late last week. My mind has been in such a haze due to late night World Cup viewing that I didn’t equate the article and the discussion.

Click the link above for the comments discussion, though the notable part of the discussion is the timeline mentioned in the article:

– Saab 9-4X (spring 2007)
– Saab 9-5 (autumn 2007)
– roadster/coupé with Aero-X heritage (2008)
– Saab 9-1 (2008)
– Saab 9-3 (2009)

9-5 is said to get really futuristic interior with cutting-edge technology.

Exciting stuff indeed. Thanks also to Tobias for filling the blanks in comments.


I’ll do full writeup tomorrow with photos, but I can tell you now that the Swede Team Motor debut with the E85 V6 was successful, though the weekend overall was less so.

There were two races, a 6-hour race on Friday and a 3-hour race on Saturday. The diesel 9-3 ended up first in its class and third over all in the Friday race. Pretty good result.

Saturday things went a little sour. This is when the e85 car made its debut. Things look promising, but there were some problems with all three cars entered. As mentioned, I’ll get photos and some more detail up tomorrow.

Thanks to Anders and Jonas for the up to date information.


I just heard via MSN that the Saab Performance Team were performing in Sweden over the weekend. No big news there, but the fact that they were performing in 9-3 SportCombis is news.


I also heard last week that there may be a new promo film for the SPT coming out this week, possibly on the Saab USA site. Just a rumour but keep your eyes peeled anyway.

Perhaps it features the SportCombis?

Thanks to Tim R for emailing me a link that included this picture, from the event in Sweden on the weekend (80th Anniversary of the Swedish Air Force).

SPT SportCombi.jpg

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  1. When talking about design. The new issue of the Swedish edition of Auto Motor & Sport talks about the Saab. The article is positive about Saab for the coming year. After visiting Pixbo and Rüsselheim, they present the following prediction:

    – Saab 9-4X (spring 2007)
    – Saab 9-5 (autumn 2007)
    – roadster/coupé with Aero-X heritage (2008)
    – Saab 9-1 (2008)
    – Saab 9-3 (2009)

    9-5 is said to get really futuristic interior with cutting-edge technology.

    The same stuff ctm wrote earlier.

    Also Aero-x design-cues will come to use in the new 9-5 and SUV. There are some interviews that gives a positive view of saabs future and the work with GM. They say that Saab and GM now understand each other.
    Much of this positive spirit is thanks to AeroX and ethanol concepts. The biopower name come from Asia and may be the name for all ethanol cars from GM…

    Also they conclude that the similarity (or lack there of) between BLS and 9-3 is the absolute minimum, future cars will be more diversified.

    There is talk about a roadster or coupe that would come from the aero-x probably rwd and the platform delta.

    Some that as the paper maybe can give you the full translation.

  2. When the Aero-X was first shown i was dissapointed and thought it was the wrong direction for Saab. In the months since i find it hard to pick up a car magazine from some spoty in the world that isn’t raving about some aspect of the concept or using it as a template for future Saab models and all in a positive light. I’m happy to eat my words.

  3. 9-5X? The 9-5 don’t need no X’in!! Seriously, it’s great to flesh out the 9-X line of vehicles, but I feel that Saab should still have a very practical side in keeping with the ‘form-follows-function’ history of the marque.

    The Heat steal one in Dallas!! I like Avery Johnson as a coach, but this game showed that a savvy coach like Riles makes a difference in the playoffs!

  4. Swade, you deserve a World Cup-holiday. I can imagine how tired I would have been if I was up all night watching football in the middle of the winter…

  5. In my mailbox this morning was the latest i-newsletter from Saab with a link to the new vidoe of the SPT. The bloody things in Quicktime so i can’t watch it. Can it be that hard to offer a couple of formats? I know i could download Quicktime but it causes some conflicts with other media viewers i have on the computer which makes me have to spend an hour changing settings back again.

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