More on the “Sonett V”

A few weeks ago I wrote an item on the ‘Saab Sonett V’, with a small grainy picture.

Thanks to “Jax”, here’s a few more pictures of the mysterious Sonett V. I was pretty critical after seeing the little grainy picture. I thought it belonged on the Carbage site at Top Gear. These higher-res pics make it a little more interesting, though. I still prefer the original Sonett III that it’s based on, but the colour scheme makes this one look a bit better now that you can see it clearly.

There’s a Wikipedia entry for the Sonett V here. Thanks to Jax for permitting the use of the pictures. If you happen to know anything further about this car, or its wherabouts, please let me know.








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  1. “I like Herr Roth’s Sonett better:”
    Yes, much, much better!
    That Sonett V looks like something that might have been suitable for Herman Munster on the 1964 TV series “The Munsters”. Some people might have the skill to do good work, but are sorely lacking in artistic judgement. I mean, it really hurts to look at it.

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